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When there were Stations - Mick - 19-Mar-2010

Inspired by the people who created and maintain the following websites (read their bios):


Trainsextreme and myself have starting putting a concept into place along similar veins to the above sites. This is in so far as there are huge collections of photographs out there, of railways before the sweeping rationalisations obliterated most of the lineside infrastructure and crew depots. Lucky for us, people like Trainsextreme the younger, and possibly many of you reading this, recognised the changes coming, and tramped the country side far and wide to capture images that were to become mere history. But what to do with the images. They are too valuable to be gathering dust in an old shoe box, and really they need to be shared, or perhaps even become a historical resource (or hysterical re-sauce).

What we are about to embark on is a means by which those photos can be released from those shoe boxes and placed on the interwebs for all to enjoy. To get the ball rolling, I have set up a conceptual site on free wordpress domain (used to prevent squatters from pinching one of the incarnations of the Savannahlander domain) and you may view the site at the link below. Although there are few live links there,  all but the Gheringhap page and its 'child' pages are mere construction place holders, but it will give you an idea on how we intend to sort the images. The proposed site will make an interesting companion site to the latter one linked above.


The link takes you to a bland intro page, but you follow the Gheringhap related links, you'll get an idea of what we are trying to do.

It is no short term project. Davo reckons that his 6000 odd Victorian images are about 3 years work, and there is the 11000 or so Queensland images to consider.

Project is still in its infancy, and once the images are on the real site, they will be at 800 pixels wide, and viewed via the Wordpress NGgallery addon (like we use on the Sav blog). It will get it's own domain (wheelsoffsteel??) which originally was thought to be something Victorian Specific, however, include other states then we need to take a more generic national approach to this.

If anyone thinks they might be able to contribute, or help out, they are most welcome to discuss this with us. It will be a fairly casual affair with only two main rules that will apply - accurate captions, and a decent quality of scanned image - so far as 800 pixels will allow. Being a wordpress site, it will be easy to allow multiple authors to contribute.

Re: Another Proposed Project - BelowRadar - 19-Mar-2010

Love the concept you're evolving, Mike...and I think the 'WordPress' Templating/Formatting is one of the pick of the available 'Blog' style presentations...

If you're worried about the '"SavannahLander"...Well, Nearly' Banner, then perhaps..
'BroadLander'...play initially on words with broad gauge, although as the content of the blog expands, it will encompass our broad land/landscape...??

Just a thought...

Re: Another Proposed Project - Rolls Royce - 19-Mar-2010

Love it!!!!!!!!! Big Grin

Re: Another Proposed Project - Mick - 19-Mar-2010

dateline= Wrote:If you're worried about the '\"SavannahLander\"...Well, Nearly' Banner, then perhaps..

That's only a site being used to work out the construction method on the real site. Something like this deserves its own domain.

Glad you like it Roller. I hear you have a few shoe boxes of photos waiting to be put somewhere?  :dribbly

Re: Another Proposed Project - Rolls Royce - 19-Mar-2010

Indeed. In fact, I am considering employings omneone on e cash-under-the-table basis to scan all of my prints, which will also be saved onto an external hard drive or other suitable means so that in the event of the computer shitting itself again, all wont be lost.....

So the task of applying some to the proposed site should become significantly easier Wink

Re: Another Proposed Project - fatty - 21-Mar-2010

I think you should all think about getting one of these:


or these:


to do the job.

Maybe invest in one for the site and share it around? It will make a 3 year job of scanning take a few rainy weekends instead.

Re: Another Proposed Project - Mick - 21-Mar-2010

The 'Alpha' Developmenet site is now at a stage where it is as far as I am prepared to work on. Inverleigh, Wingeel, and Cressy stations have been added and there has been an update to the Gheringhap page - this is mostly adding a link to the Museum Victoria Gallery showing how  awesome this station really was once.

For Cressy, there is a similar link to Museum Victoria, that has a gallery of images for this station. Unbelievable comparisons.


I hope to 'organise' for fresh wordpress install on the hardly used Cairnssteam domain, complete with the NGgallery and Mappress addons in the next day or so, which will host the 'Beta' site, in preparation for getting its own domain.

Re: Another Proposed Project - Mick - 23-Mar-2010

Davo is scanning his images quicker than I can  post them. Anyhoo, we have our own Wordpress install and you could say the site is now at the beta stage. New plugins have added a bit of extra info to the site. Just got to sort out a domain name now, but in the meantime, the improved version of the site is at:


Re: Another Proposed Project - derailed - 23-Mar-2010

This looks very snappy - wordpress gives a great presentation.
The Mappress (google maps adapted) lets you see "where" you are.
Clicked on http://www.vicrailstations.com/ - what a wealth of info there is in this site.


Re: Another Proposed Project - Mick - 30-Mar-2010

As Roller would say, this is getting traction!

This is actually one of the most enjoyable projects that I have taken on, because when gmail reports new mail from trainsextreme, I know my inbox is going have some fantastic historical pictures.

We are most of the way through the second line now, which is a particularly historical and interesting line so it's probably time to spam the board and put a couple of links below. As the site grows the non-linked lines are a good indication of what's coming soon

The site home page: http://www.stationspast.net

Gheringhap to Maroona http://www.stationspast.net/?page_id=10 - all done bar Maroona - Davo has to find the album it's in.

Gheringhap to Warrenhiep http://www.stationspast.net/?page_id=67 - complete as far as Elaine. Some great photos from the great man here. Love them bluestone stations.