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Some of you might already get Barry Blair's E-Rail news delivered to your inbox. But for those who don't this might be of interest. The articles are extracts from online newspapers and cover the whole country.

To make posting the lead article in each thread a bit less laborious, I will simply dump the item into a new topic without the usual quoting and reference protocols observed. Anyone who gets erail news is free to add their submission if I am too slack to keep up with it. I will introduce a subject protocol however, and that would be to lead each new item with the state that it is relevant to the story.

I guess it would be good if someone from each state who receives e-rail news take responsibility for their state post items of interest from their region. Anyhow, lets see how it goes.

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I think maybe that any comments on the stories should be taken back to the state based board so that serious discussion can commence forthwith. Don't forget to copy and quote the text if you do. Only a thought mind, I couldn't give a rats if you don't. It might keep this place tider is all! Smile
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Can anyone get the E-Rail news or do you have to work in the industry ?
"It shocks me that Huggies has had a good idea for once in his dim-witted life!" - Jason Roberts, A.T.D.B.
I don't think you need to be in the industry. You could email Barry and ask, or catch up on all the latest news on WoS! Wink

Barry Blair:
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Well if you keep posting the interesting stuff then it's all and don't mind the feedback on certain topics then it's all good.
"It shocks me that Huggies has had a good idea for once in his dim-witted life!" - Jason Roberts, A.T.D.B.
Oh I love the feedback Huggies. Keeps the place ticking over like!
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Do you want to keep this board in its current format (early days yet) or should we have state based child boards below under the E-Rail news category. Other thing we could do is put a News Topic in each existing state forum and place the news articles there.  Chuck your idea's this way for consideration.
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Okay - Here's what will happen if any of the posts generate any traffic.. I will simply move the topic to it's relevant state based forum. So feel free to comment on any of the stories here. I have already moved a couple over that have generated responses.
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For all the arm chair critics, here is your chance to make a difference!

Saw this ad on the net "Qld Transport vacancy Senior Business Manager (Rail Safety)"
While I'm on a roll, here's a new website to check out .... rather sad actually

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