NSW, Teens' paintball rail attack at Town Hall station
NSW, Teens' paintball rail attack at Town Hall station
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SYD September 05, 2008 07:25am
TEENAGERS vandalising a Sydney train carriage with paintball rifles left a rail guard spattered but uninjured, police say.
They said four youths were on board a train travelling west out of Town Hall station about 9.40pm (AEST) yesterday.
"During the trip, it's believed the youths aimed several paintball projectiles at walls inside the carriage, before exiting at Parramatta Station," police said in a statement.
"One of the youths then aimed another projectile at the train as it was departing the station, narrowly missing a male guard on board. The projectile hit the carriage before spraying the guard with paint."
Transit officers found the youths at Blacktown Railway Station, where a search uncovered paintball rifles and a number of paintballs.
Police arrested a 14-year-old boy, who was later released without charge pending further inquiries

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