When there were Stations
Then perhaps I should patend it! Regardless - if it becomes a corporate buzz phrase, you read it here first.
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(20-Apr-2010, 07:34 PM)Mick_L link Wrote:Thanks Spadge.

Although it is still embryonic, already it seems to be doing its job as a resource for researchers. Was in the engine room the other night, and noted that the site hits had passed 190 on Sunday Night. Followed the traffic back to the source and on yet another rail forum, someone was chasing old pics of Melton, which had been recently completed. Someone there had discovered the site and linked it, thus sending a bunch of 'collateral' traffic over.

IT types... is collateral traffic a real term?

Look forward to the NSW section.

Will it be limited only to government lines, or could it later be extended to cover non-government operations?
  Not much in NSW I could give that the Colonel probably dosen't already have, but the private lines I may be able to contribute to.

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All the filthy Aussie Rail info at http://locoshed.blogspot.com
Check out the Philippine Railway Historical Society. http://philippine-railways.blogspot.com
Can't see a problem with private lines. Sometimes there is more interest in them than the main / Government line. Actually, It would be bloody interesting, especially if you have recent images to make comparisons. For what we are trying to achieve - to keep a record of how things were, the private lines would be equally important.
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Changed the title (because it's no longer a proposed project) and moved it into archaeology where it probably belongs.

Some of you might have seen the spam on facebook noting that the Ballan Page is now finished (You listening Vinelander?) However today, I finally found a guide to the proper use of the gallery plug-in that I use on the site. One of the learings taken from this is that now I can create a 'tag cloud' from the image tags I have been religiously applying since we started adding all those pictures on the site (463 to date). This has lead to the creation of an image search page which means you can... of bugger writing about... just check it out.

Currently, all images that include trains are simply tagged 'traffic' which serves rather a lot of thumbnails. I will therefore probably have to sort through them and split the train tags up into goods, interstate, passenger and probably name trains (Overland, Vinelander etc) - Maybe loco class too if I get real keen.

For you non-ready types, this page is for you!
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Good stuff Smile
Update time. As promised, I've refined the tags, so you can image search on loco class, train type as well as various infrastructure elements. Train types are fairly limited, it is after all about stations, but there are goods trains, wheat trains, and interstate freight are all searchable. You can also search lever frames, crossing gates, cream sheds, signalling, electric staff... the list goes on.


Lets search for 'electric staff'

or how about signal cabin

Also, Marcus Wong has some good stuff on his Rail Geelong website, which makes for great comparison between past and present. He has allowed us to link to his pages and I have retro linked a fair bit of the site back to his galleries.
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(09-May-2010, 08:47 PM)Mick_L link Wrote:Also, Marcus Wong has some good stuff on his Rail Geelong website, which makes for great comparison between past and present. He has allowed us to link to his pages and I have retro linked a fair bit of the site back to his galleries.
Marcus also has goodies for us container and rollingstock researchers http://railgallery.wongm.com/wagons/
Obsolete Australian railway historical downloadable document list
And doesnt the "new" North Geelong station look rather unpleasant?
Something that reminds you of what you find in the morning after a big night out that you cant remember.
Bring back real stations.
And who grabbed all the old nameboards off the Geelong signalboxes?
Classic old VR signs, all vanished...maybe look on feebay to see if any show.......
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Now Queensland gets a guernsey on the site, with a structurally complete Brisbane Valley Branch live on the board, with thanks to our Rolls Royce. Now some of the dates and page descriptions are a bit vague, so if you can help, please do. If anyone can help with dates of the last train to and from Toogoolawah, a Trainaways tour with 1901 and anything you find wrong, or should be added, let me know. Just chuck the info in the thread here.

Late edit: I have described (and tagged) certain structures as goods sheds, but on reflection I suspect they might have been cream sheds. They were well ventilated with gaps between the weatherboards that formed the walls. Would appreciate confirmation or otherwise of this.
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Excellent work Mick!

I have many additions which may help verify/expand on info on the pages re: Brisbane Valley Branch.
Will add them here soonly...


"Thanks Control, Driver out..."

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