When there were Stations

There are a couple of pics of Borallon in my Brisbane Valley Branch folder in the WoS gallery which you are welcome to use if you want them.

I'll see what others I have and drop them in the gallery if I find any as well.
Thanks Graham and Peter, any additions would be welcome as the Queensland lines are light on photos as compared to what we have done with Victoria. Mind you the photos are around, they just got be dug up as it were, and Davo is busy on the Victorian stuff right now. However, I felt it was important to get Queensland on the map, especially as it makes for great comparison with the southern states.

Graham, I will raid your gallery tonight, and Peter, if you have stuff you want to contribute, by all means display it here, or email (600 to 800 pixels) to mike@stationspast.net

Thanks again- I'll have your names in pixels on the acknowledgement page once the images are published.
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If it's okay with you, I'd like to link your Brisbane Valley Gallery from the intro page to that line on the site. This is on top of filching a couple of pictures or Borallon to put on the site
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Trainsex has sent a few of his pictures of some Brisbane Valley locations. Have updated Blackbutt, Benarkin, and Yarraman, and was able to include Gilla Siding.

Best to just head over to http://www.stationspast.net/?page_id=466 which is the Brisbane Valley Page, then head over to any of the stations you want to visit from there - either side menu or station icons below the intro text
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(31-May-2010, 12:28 PM)Mick_L link Wrote:Graham,

If it's okay with you, I'd like to link your Brisbane Valley Gallery from the intro page to that line on the site. This is on top of filching a couple of pictures or Borallon to put on the site

OK by me.
The Pialba (Urangan) Branch has now been added to the site, featuring 1620 at the head of the last freight train to depart the branch. And what a train it was, a heavily loaded QLX wagon.

If anyone has the date of closure of the extension from Pialba to Urangan, I would be most appreciate. Would also appreciate any inaccuracies that you might find on the pages
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(30-May-2010, 10:24 PM)pb75 Wrote: Excellent work Mick!

I have many additions which may help verify/expand on info on the pages re: Brisbane Valley Branch.
Will add them here soonly...


While I am busy spamming the site, I should also point out that thanks to the magic of widgets, you may now contribute those images directly to the site. There is a new Contribute! page which has the uploady widgety thing, as well as a few guidelines on its use, photo format etc.
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Trainsex has come good with some more Brisbane Valley Photos - pretty well all of the stations received some extra pics (Fernvale was an exception), plus Cooragook ended up getting its own page.

Go-on... check it out http://www.stationspast.net/?page_id=466
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The Site's gone White! The Black theme had to go due to an update breaking the functionality of some important parts for the site. These have been fixed, and include the comments, the images search and the contribute widget. Been a fair while since I spammed my the site, and seeing as how trainsex has sent a bit of traffic over from Railpage, I though I better let you lot know before the server melts.

Ballarat to Ararat is now finished, although I am hoping for some guest input to add to the Ararat page, but in the meantime, click my sig and have a looksy
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Right ho you Queenslanders... You might have seen some traffic in QRIG about the site recently. Trainsextreme has gone to SE Asia, and left me with four of his albums to work through. Just finished the first one, and this completes the Theebine to Kingaroy line.

Where to next? I am thinking along the lines of (pun intended) completing the Pialba Branch as there are another 36 photos to go on there. There is also the Monto Branch. Also have a bunch of photos for the Mary Valley Branch, but not enough of each station to set up a line section as has been done in the past. So I might make a slight departure from format, and lump all the Mary Valley stations on a single page. And there are still two Albums of verrry interesting Victorian Stuff to get through.

Please don't hesitate to pull me up on any factual or spelling errors you see on the site.
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