When there were Stations
No hard rules as such, and we do have plenty of pictures of sites where the stations have been obliterated completely. In some cases, we missed out on getting the photos of the old infrastructure by a matter of weeks. I guess you could say there is a cascading scale of preference for the site but such preference do not preclude the latter type of photo you describe. In fact the 'remains of a station today' being published achieve two things - it gives us a great on site comparison of how things have changed in a relatively short period of time (In most cases we have to link externally for this) and the other is that it encourages others to submit their own photos, from when the station existed.

So while we might prefer the stations and infrastructure intact, it is not always possible, as the timeframe we have chosen was during the 'rationalisation' era.

Feel free to send us what you've got. We might have older ones in the queue which might well bring forward their publication date.
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Sounds promising, then.

Two more questions:

I "watermark" each picture that I put online with the name I use; is it OK to have that on what I send?

And you have no objection if pix I send to WTWS, I also send to other sites of relevance, such as nswrail.net?
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Seeing as they're your pix, we are of the opinion that you can watermark them and distribute as you see fit. We do not seek exclusivity deals from our contributors. This is all about sharing and future proofing some scenes we took/take for granted. All of our NSW stuff is linked to Rolf's site anyway.

Any work that you contribute and we use will be credited back to the owner - be it your real name or an internet nom de plume
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Just gave you guys a plug - some worthy pix in this thread: http://www.railpage.com.au/f-p1562385.htm#1562385

I have suggested that "tranx" contacts WTWS with some contributions! Confusedmiley
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Excellent, thanks for the plug. As soon as the page comes back to life again, I will be sure to view it.
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When you look at the Normal Threads within WTWS Updates, it reveals the station names and not in any particular order. Usually i'm only looking for stations by state, others might be too? Suggestion - would Station by State work?
Hi Ken,

The update feed is only a Bot that must read RSS feeds and send an excerpt to the site, so there is little control over what gets posted. Matt might know more. Only real answer would be to work the state into the first line or two of text so that it is captured in the excerpt.

Your best be is to lurk around the site as this is correctly categorised into states/lines/stations.
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Just found a little error in Mackay, image 20, says Mackay B Aux cabin, it's actually Mackay A Aux.
Just compare the other images to match it up.
Frank T
(...this is Control calling, over.)
Thanks Frank. I'll get onto the captioner.
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