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I did a search and could not find something similar but if it’s there please move or remove this thread.

I would like to start a thread with the announcement of tv programs that are rail or tram related.
Please share information.

Broadcasting 7.30 pm on SBS One (Channel 3) Friday 9/9/11 Please check for the local time.


On the morning of January 8, 1902, a southbound commuter train travelling through a smoky, congested tunnel in New York City's Grand Central Depot slammed into the rear of another train, instantly killing seventeen people, and injuring thirty-eight. The tragedy in New York that day, and a self-taught engineer's innovative response to the crisis that ensued, ultimately gave birth to one of America's greatest architectural and technological monuments: Grand Central Terminal. When Grand Central Terminal opened on February 12, 1913 the press heralded it as the greatest railway terminal in the world. Today, it remains one of New York and America's most famous spaces, and a living monument to the nation's great railway age. (From the US) (Documentary)

Good idea Medo, we'll run with it like it is for now.
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Undercover Boss - CH10 - Monday 12/9/11 @ 20:30
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I am not sure about this... but...

Broadcasting 7.30 pm on SBS Two (Channel 32) Thursday, 22 September

The Reunification Express - A 13-part series that chronicles a train journey from the East to the West, through fast-changing societies, along the birthplaces of five world religions. This episode follows the trip from Hanoi to Saigon on the Reunification Express. The travellers talk about coping with war, hate and forgiveness. The journey ends in Saigon, with a stop at the former Cu Chi battlefield, where tourists can shoot a machine gun for a dollar towards the Cambodian border. (From the Netherlands, in Vietnamese and English, English subtitles) (Documentary Series)


I did not have a chance to watch it (TRAILS FROM THE EAST: VIETNAM)... was it good?
Next Thursday (29/9) is Cambodia, same time same channel.

No takers to answer... I'll do it.

I did watch last 25 minutes.... and it’s not for a diehard railroad fan but it’s a nice window into a different culture with a railroad theme in the background.

A gentle reminder – After Vietnam and Cambodia this thursday is Thailand. Broadcasting 7.30 pm on SBS Two (Channel 32) Thursday,6 October

Saw the Cambodia episode the other night. I'll never complain about the state of the Etheridge Branch again.

Quite a good series, but the 'stories' can become tedious. Mind you, Cambodia has fairly recent violent history and there were some eye openers amongst the stories being told.
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Thailand was last night...some pretty impressive rail infrastructure over there and well maintained. Also a shot of British designed DEMU Sprinters running on the metre gauge...always thought that same design could have been used here in QLD - if there had been a need for it.
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Bugger... Missed it. I think you can view SBS docos online... hope so
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