Ghan Railway Preservation Society
Does anyone know if this group still exists or if anything operates at the Ghan Railway Museum at Alice Springs?
I'm not sure how current this is, but there are contact details:
Graham R - Dalby Qld
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Thanks Graham. There is a bit of info on the web but a lot of it seems old. It seems that there is at least some sort of museum still there as part of the road transport museum. I guess I will find out in a few weeks when I am there.
Isn't that where DH 14 is ?
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Visited the Ghan museum at Alice Springs a few weeks ago.

Although on the same site as the road transport museum, it is a separate operation and separate entry fee.

Despite a sign at the museum saying trains run every Sunday morning, it seems nothing has moved for many years. It has an abandoned look about it and the rolling stock appears uncared for. The display in the station building is not too bad - mostly photos and a few relics.

Overall, a bit of a disappointment and not up to the standard of other attractions at Alice Springs.

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