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As some of you would be aware, CityRail's Cronulla branch is in the process of having parts of it duplicated, namely the single track sections between Sutherland & Gymea and Caringbah & Cronulla.

Working the line regularly, it appears that there will also be some extra sidings installed at the terminus, Cronulla, adding to the extant storage siding (approx. 3 x 8 car sets) & the goods siding (1 x 8 car set).

Unfortunately, my photographic opportunities are a bit limited while working (can't always get a good angle from the middle of the train, plus having to do boring things like make announcements and open & close doors). However, I did take some while travelling in the driver's cab on an Up service in February last year.

In this pic, we have just departed Woolooware station.

[Image: IMG_0323.jpg]

Around the bend from Woolooware, is this straight section towards Caringbah, where the current dual track section commences.

[Image: IMG_0324.jpg]

This is at Gymea, where the current dual track section finishes. We are awating the arrival of the Down train seen in the distance before we can depart for Kirrawee.

[Image: IMG_0325.jpg]

This is on the approach to Kirrawee.

[Image: IMG_0326.jpg]

We've left Kirrawee and are now heading toward Sutherland. This bridge carries Acacia Rd (the Sutherland bypass) over the branch. Behind us is another overbridge (President Ave) which will also have to be modified for the new (Down) track.

[Image: IMG_0327.jpg]

Almost arrived at Sutherland. From here, we cross over the Down Illawarra Main to the Up Main, to arrive on Sutherland pl. #1. The cream fibro building in the distance is Sutherland Signal Box.

[Image: IMG_0328.jpg]

Bear in mind that the construction work has gone ahead in leaps & bounds since these photos.

This is Cronulla, taken from the south end of the northern portion of the platform, taken in September 2005. The stand of vegetation flanking the goods siding has now gone, due to construction of what maybe an additional siding.

[Image: Image023.jpg]

This is inside Cronulla "Signal Box", which, like Waterfall, forms part of the control room at the station. Taken in September 2005.

[Image: Image021.jpg]

This was taken in January this year, from my train which was in the Sutherland goods siding at the time, showing some of the construction paraphernalia at the Sutherland end. The line in the background is the branchline. Work is now underway on the abutments for the extra bridge over the Old Princes Hwy (out of shot to the left).

[Image: DSCF0074.jpg]

I'll try to update this with some more contemporary shots soon.
Thanks for the pics and info EYL. Having only been down to the Shire two or three times, I've never looked at the branch line to Cronulla before.
If you don't mind me asking, how many kilometres of track are being duplicated?
nice pics
(06-Apr-2008, 12:22 PM)flying_donkey link Wrote:Thanks for the pics and info EYL. Having only been down to the Shire two or three times, I've never looked at the branch line to Cronulla before.
If you don't mind me asking, how many kilometres of track are being duplicated?

I don't know the exact amount, but at a guess, slightly under 4km all up.
Thanks ELY, wonderful photos, almost make me feel homesick, apart from the fact Sydney has never actually been my home.
Holy snapping duckshit... catch points on the main line (at Gymea)?!?!
Took some more today, will u/l in the next few days.

Trampanto, your succession of interesting avatars never fail to............ :confused

Well, they never fail to. :cool
(17-Jul-2009, 09:06 PM)EYL link Wrote:Trampanto, your succession of interesting avatars never fail to............ :confused

Well, they never fail to. :cool

I have no life. Have to do something.
OK, here we go :train

As before, all pix are taken from an Up service.

Departing Woolooware. Note the new uncommissioned signals, a new starter & a co-actor. Stanchion uprights are in place.

[Image: DSCF0938c.jpg]

Between Woolooware & Caringbah. Note that some track has been laid on the Down road; only between these two stations has any track been laid on the new trackbed.

[Image: DSCF0939c.jpg]

Getting closer to Caringbah. They have commenced installation here of the OHW.

[Image: DSCF0940c.jpg]

Waiting for the road at the Gymea home stick.

[Image: DSCF0942c.jpg]

Due to the construction work on the other single track section, there is a flagman present. Even when the signals change to all clear, driver must wait for his additional green flags clearance.

[Image: DSCF0941c.jpg]

Departing Gymea. Uncommissioned starter signal on the left.

[Image: DSCF0943c.jpg]

Between Gymea & Kirrawee. Note OHW has been installed here.

[Image: DSCF0944c.jpg]

I don't know whether they will widen this overline bridge or not; from here, looks as though they'll have to, though when actually passing under it, it looks a little less daunting.

[Image: DSCF0945c.jpg]

Approaching Kirrawee. Trackbed looks as ready as possible for the next step. Note sleepers stacked waiting.

[Image: DSCF0946c.jpg]

Departing Kirrawee, passing under the Gymea Bay Rd overline bridge, President Ave overline bridge in background. Note uncommissioned starting & co-acting signals.

[Image: DSCF0947c.jpg]

Detail of President Ave overline bridge modification.

[Image: DSCF0948c.jpg]

The "old" & the "new". Note nearly complete OHW on the Down road.

[Image: DSCF0949c.jpg]

The Acacia Rd (Sutherland bypass) overline bridge. Contrary to appearances, widening work is underway, albeit from the other (city) side.

[Image: DSCF0950c.jpg]

Heading Up towards Sutherland, about midway between the Glencoe & Merton Sts underline bridges.

[Image: DSCF0951c.jpg]

Closer to Sutherland. The Merton St underline bridge visible in the distance.

[Image: DSCF0952c.jpg]

Just beyond this point, the route of the new road "swaps sides" so that the current road will be the future Down.

[Image: DSCF0953c.jpg]

New road (Up-to-be) is where the construction vehicles are. The duplicated Old Princes Hwy underline bridge can be seen in the distance, and beyond that an S-set in the Sutherland Goods siding.

[Image: DSCF0954c.jpg]

Not too much has changed yet in this view, as the train heads for platform #1 in the left distance.

[Image: DSCF0955c.jpg]
First time I've used that ShrinkPic thingy - and it didn't do what I thought it would :confused

Maybe that elusive WoS gallery would do the trick.....
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