Wheels On Steel

Full Version: Rockdale Night Live!
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Hi all,

Turning out to be a good night at the box. THought we would give regular updates as the evening progresses.

Wheels ON Steel members:
Greg Rudd
Bill Sullivan

Lesser people:
Roy Howarth
Harry Potter
David Xuereb
David 'Gonzo' KIrkland

No freights as yet.

Tally Pip
B76 UP LE 18.22

Heaps of Rowie's beloved Tangaras.

CM and some guy called Pete have shown up.
Tanduay in the offering afterall. Like as if Railcorp is going to chuck us out now.

8257 03 11 18 down coal 20.43



Sorry I couldn't be there Spadge, am working to Botany shortly, just waiting for the call to go in and relieve the Narrabri train.
BL33 8158 8178 48159 dn ore 21.52
8239 58 28 08 dn coal 22.02

People beginning to rack off now.

Keiran Ryan (KR Models) has shown up so I am sure the tone of the evening will now go down.

8216 49 06 21 down coal 22.53

Only Bill, MrX and CM left.

NR105 NR5 dn steel 00.42

Thus brings the last signalbox night to a close.

Nightee night
Man, thats almost tear-jerking stuff....CryConfusedad:
Brought a lump to the throat, and one elsewyhere to one more concerning attendee :-)