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Full Version: Rail workers missing pay
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Last Update: Friday, June 1, 2007. 5:11pm (AEST)
Uproar over rail workers' missing pay

The rail workers' union says the New South Wales rail corporation,
Railcorp, should have emergency procedures in place to deal with a
mistake that has left some of its staff without pay this weekend.

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union says its office has been inundated with
calls from members whose wages have not gone into their bank accounts

Union secretary Nick Lewocki says the State Government should ensure
workers do not have to pay further costs because of the mistake.

"Members have also advised us that they've been incurring penalties -
bank charges, because their mortgage payments are directly taken out
their pay," he said.

"When there's no money there's a service fee for the rejection of that
direct debit and and a number have indicated they've already incurred
some penalty."

A spokesman for Railcorp says there has been an internal processing
error and that all wages should be paid by the close of business today.