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Full Version: PN Seeking a TO for Clyde Yard
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dateline= Wrote:An opportunity exists for a Terminal Operator to be located at Clyde Yard in Sydney NSW.

As Terminal Operator you will be responsible for the coordination, planning, safe and efficient assembly and dismantling, loading and unloading of trains within the terminal or sidings.

Responsibilities will also include processing of freight and operational documentation, undertaking train examination and maintenance activities and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others within the workplace.

As Terminal Operator there is opportunity to access and undertake training and development activities as required to apply competencies across a range of duties.

So there you have it. Shunting at Clyde involves the Dubbo and Werris Creek Fuel trains, sugar and cement and probably a few other things I don't know about, since I'm not qualified into the yard there. You'd probably be working under the old Freight Australia award, though I'm not sure.

For anyone that's keen, have a gander at the TO's position desctiption on the PN website, and good luck.