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Full Version: Wynyard reopens after fire
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Jano Gibson
June 5, 2007 - 12:25PM

Wynyard train station in central Sydney has reopened after a fire at a shoe repair shop.

The George Street entrance is open and trains are stopping at the station after fire crews extinguished the blaze on the shopping concourse.

The entrance from York Street was due to reopen about 12.30pm.

The fire on the concourse leading from York Street forced the evacuation and closure of the underground station.

NSW Fire Brigades officers evacuated about 70 people after heavy smoke filled the station, Superintendent Craig Brierley told smh.com.au.

The station was closed and trains passed through without stopping.

Renee McCourt, a 35-year-old manager at the Concourse Bar, said the fire started in a shoe repair shop next door to where she worked shortly after 11am.

“The shoe shop caught on fire down there,” she said while waiting to be allowed back into the station on York Street.

“It just filled up with thick white smoke, fairly quickly too. It was very dangerous and toxic. There was just heaps of smoke.”

She said the entire underground shopping area and station had been evacuated.

“They’ve evacuated from this side to the George Street side," she said.

There were three NSW Fire Brigades trucks, three RailCorp Emergency Response vehicles, an ambulance and several police cars outside the station following the emergency.

A RailCorp staff member was taken away in an ambulance suffering from smoke inhalation.

Michael Doherty, an smh.com.au reader, said an evacuation alarm was sounding as his North Shore line train passed through the station.

"A smoke smell entered the carriages as we passed through Wynyard," he said in an email.

A RailCorp spokesman said platforms were evacuated at 11.25am due to concerns about smoke.

The spokesman said the station was closed as a precautionary measure, and he did not believe smoke had reached the platforms.

- with Jordan Baker and AAP
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