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Full Version: GL112 reportedly comes a croppa!
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A little birdie just landed on my windowsill and has told me that GL112 and a wagon have decided to part company with the rails at Sandgate.
Seems it decided to do as such on a well known railfan enthusiast.
I'm still awaiting further details.

I'm heading up that way tonight to work a ballast train out of Broadmeadow yard... I'll have a poke around and see if anyone knows more.


Rail rolled underneath GL112 and a wagon. Jacked up and rerailed.

Paranoid, Thornton NSW
I told him it was useless trying to get it up to the cemetery platform but, just like the 422 on the north, he just had to have that shot :-)

Paranoids Wife, Thornton NSW


Well, now it's Patrick Portlinks turn to have 'fleet' woes.

After GL112 the other day, GL103 fucked it's fuel filter and GL104 became a donor of parts.
EL62 has issues with it's turbo, namely it's about to blow up AGAIN!
BHP103 has suffered a locked axle today and is out of action

And some well-known WoS member had some troubles at Gunnydah last night which saw the frame there rendered as "Fucked".

Happy Days indeed
1443 was putting out more smoke than a Garrett inj the Blue Mountains today. For about 10 minutes there was no sunlight over Matraville.
Are they normally this smokey?

GL112 was around Port Botany today (see Botany thread). A lot of people kept arriving (without any poofta vests-why??????) to look over the loco and to do a bit of a check (probably for Stewy type skiddies on the drivers seat).

What happened up Gunnedah way? Somebody do the wrong thing and trail through a set of points or something? That's what happen's when you remove the ASM's...



The Up 1st home has been playing up and when the lever is pulled over, the signal isn't clearing properly, so you come into Gunnedah, see the stick and think "Oh shit". I've reported it twice now.