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Full Version: Former steam era QLD South Coast Southport Tweed Heads Coolangatta line
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Historical Obsolete Railway documents available for download

These obsolete documents are mainly grouped into;
1. Historical Australian rail timetables
2. QGR 1960s Southport Tweed Heads South Coast line material
3. Brisbane 1955 road maps 150 mile from Brisbane
4. Brisbane Standard Gauge to Cassino NSW 1960s track plan

The following posts contain the individual sections in order of the above list

Please note;
I wish to state all the obsolete documents I have provided are for private research purposes only and are strictly not for profit. This outdated material I provide is the result of my personal research. Peter Cokley

New South Wales Government Railways [NSWGR] and successors; Historic NSW railway documents used by courtesy of NSWGR and sourced from the Cokley Family Collection.

Queensland Railways historical railway documents by courtesy of QR. This material does not reflect the current operational activities of Queensland Rail [QR]. We have no connection with QR.

Topographical maps 1966 [Burleigh, Southport, Mudgeeraba and Tweed Heads] by courtesy Royal Australian Survey Corps and sourced from the Cokley Collection.

Parish maps [Moreton district 40 chain to the inch], Merrimac Estate map and Ormeau map by courtesy Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry [2013]. The Moreton district 40 chain maps were published pre 1930 by the Survey Office, Queensland Department of Public Lands. Initial public sales price was 2 shillings and 6 pence.

Gregory's Guides and Maps [Universal Business Directories (Aust.) Pty. Ltd]; Extracts from Brisbane and Gold Coast Refidex 1955, c1960 and 1977 sourced from Cokley Collection.

Cokley Family Collection; Unless otherwise noted, all material available for download from me, including images, historical maps including topographical and cadastral, street directories, railway timetables, railway track plans and historical memorabilia and documents not otherwise credited, are from the Cokley Family Collection. Many of the original providers wish to remain anonymous or are unknown due to the passage of time. Material in the Cokley Collection does not reflect the activities of any present day commercial railway operator.

Updated and reorganised 11 June 2013
If a "track construction file" is a 1mb .jpg, then it does indeed work.
Looks like it's working to me. Nice little piece of history.
Southport Tweed Heads Timetables

South Coast Tweed “Up” Southbound Working Timetable 1954


South Coast Tweed “Down” Northbound Working Timetable 1954 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByB-ppGe...BWems/edit

South Coast Tweed Working Timetable Instructions 1954 Also includes some QR state wide Livestock data https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByB-ppGe...1qcTA/edit

Co- ordinated Southport Murwillumbah Rail and Road 1954. Please note this only shows the buses that connect with QR trains, not all buses times.

Tweed Southport 1961 complete https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByB-ppGe...FYZVE/edit

Working Plans and Sections which include the complete grade and curve data. The locality names on all the WPS files eg Mudgeeraba, were added by me to help sort the files. WPS “SCL N-C s5 Mudgeeraba station” was given to me as “WPS SCL N-C s5” without the locality addition to the file title.


Street Maps and other images

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