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Full Version: QLD maps available from government
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EDIT; changed thread title as not just South East QLD maps available

Found these at the Commons:State Library of Queensland website and copyright date noted there http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Common...d/Subjects

Beenleigh 1947 [5.6 MB], Ipswich 1951 [6.4MB], Brisbane 1937 [4 MB] and Tamborine 1954 [6MB] topographical versions. The URLs below go to my Google Drive but remember originals available from that State Library Commons website noted above.

Brisbane https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByB-ppGe...ZacVU/edit

Ipswich https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByB-ppGe...cyZjQ/edit

Tamborine https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByB-ppGe...h1Y0U/edit

Beenleigh https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByB-ppGe...ZzOVk/edit
Present day topographic maps for ** all* Queensland can now be found online at: http://qtopo.dnrm.qld.gov.au/Mobile/ and saved as PDF or JPEG or other formats.

Zoom in to your area of interest, use the “Click here to" menu for “Generate a printable map" to create a PDF or other format map. This generates a request for an email which arrived eventually with a download link which allows the download to appear in your browser. You then need to save that image in your computer yourself. I only tried JPEG and not PDF. You can zoom in to a scale of around 1:18,056. The topographical maps I sometimes use are 1:63,360 [one mile to an inch]. The cadastral maps I sometimes use are 40 chains to an inch [half mile to an inch] so the new website is better if seeking modern maps. The emailed jpeg sizes offered via email are A4, A3 [3.3MB] and A1 [12.4MB] for the ones that came to me.
With thanks to John Cleverdon who alerted members of the kindred LRRSA yahoogroup to this research tool https://au.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LRRSA/info
Thanks, that is good to know. Confusedmiley

Not sure exactly what is available yet as I really have I do not time to check today but maybe the QLD government website can be believed.
(01-Dec-2014, 02:54 PM)Petan Wrote: [ -> ]https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mapping-data...maps-plans

QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines have downloadable historical maps https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mapping-data...maps-plans

As a sample this 9 MB in size Moreton South 5 of 1927 cadastral map with rail route Woodridge to Yatala Bethania to Logan Village including the Buccan Ballast route into the ballast pit https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...h-1927.jpg

Another of the many maps that can be downloaded from DNRM is the Moreton two mile to an inch map sheet one dated June 1912 and sold for 1 shilling and 6 pence by the survey office of Public Lands Brisbane https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...1-1912.jpg

The online version of this dated 1912 cadastral map has the Beaudesert Tramway as well as Lahey’s tramway. The map must have received later editing by the Public Lands Office as it also has the QR Canungra line from Logan Village to Canungra which opened 2July1915. It shows Wangalpong station on the QR Canungra line spelt as such. That station was called Sarah Vale when the line opened 2 July 1915, then became Wangalpong from 23 July 1915 which was the same month the railway opened. It changed to Wonglepong from 11 August 1927. [Brian Webber’s Southside book P.7 & 101 as well as John Kerr’s notes in the state library]
No discussion on this thread so far might suggest some may not have been able to decode the government map download page https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mapping-data...maps-plans so I will offer some suggestions to help find the historical wonders now available from this government map download site. Hope folk are using this Government resource as it contains maps from many part of the state, not just the south east.

I suggest folk especially check the 1970s 1980s government downloadable maps as I found they include the cadastral outlines for lines closed decades earlier. So far I have spotted enough on these 1970s 1980s cadastral maps to give me almost the complete Boonah and Tweed heads Coolangatta lines plus some of the Canungra QR line and the Beaudesert line plus the Loganlea Bethania Holmview Beenleigh 1970s route before the 1980s deviations. There is a downloadable spreadsheet for each map group and each map usually has the codes for the adjoining maps so their name or number code can be located on the spread sheet. Row G on most of the spread sheets has the download URLs and individual district names so cross matching the map names will lead to the download URL.

Here are some samples of these freely downloadable from the QLD government site. I emphasis this is an official government site, not my own download site.

Original QR 1865 route via North Ipswich and west to Wulkuraka towards Grandchester. This route went via the present day Ipswich Workshops area and was replaced by the present route Sadlier’s Crossing route in 1875. File size 12.6MB https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...h-1888.jpg

The 1922 version of the 1875 replacement Sadlier’s Crossing route Ipswich west to Wulkuraka towards Grandchester line. File size 10MB https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...h-1922.jpg

The 7 MB in size Muirlea 1977 cadastral shows the 1865 railway route although most is shown as a road which generally can be tracked by the clues on the 1888 cadastral railway route https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...a-1977.jpg

Do keep an eye on the file size if you, like us, have data download limits or can download more at a cheaper cost at different times of the day. My monthly download data limit means I have not investigated the downloadable maps too far outside the Boonah / Tweed / Southport /Canungra /Beaudesert lines.
Some samples from the URLs in row G on the spread sheet downloadable from 1:10000 series 1974–1992—Queensland cadastral (property boundary) map page which shows the cadastral property boundaries for long closed lines including the Southport and Boonah lines https://data.qld.gov.au/dataset/historic...9e000d128b

Peak Crossing 3.7MB file size from 1976 cadastral map with the Boonah line marked https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...g-1976.jpg

Boonah 3.7MB file size from 1975 with the line including the route north over the “red bridge” viaduct route https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...h-1975.jpg

Fernvale on the Brisbane Valley Line from 1978 5.3 MB file size https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...e-1978.jpg

Also changed thread title by removing the South East QLD reference as these cover most of the state.
Another wide area map (2 miles to an inch) dated 1906 yet the Dept of Public Lands has marked later opened railways for which I am grateful!! Warning file size 17MB https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...4-1906.jpg

This has the Northern line to Mooloolah, Kilcoy line, Bald Hills on the east, perhaps Wacol on the lower right, Gallanani (Esk) towards the north west. Petrie marked as North Pine.

If interested in the Gallanani (Esk) name change http://www.somerset.qld.gov.au/esk
Roma St loco depot before Mayne Jnt, Roma St produce siding for the Brisbane markets, Sth Brisbane coal wharf and tunnel plus sidings towards the Adelaide Steamship Company's South Brisbane wharf, Gloucester St tunnel etc. Inner Brisbane both sides of river with great detail. 13.1MB file https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...8-1914.jpg

Archerfield quarry tramway completed in 1913 marked on a 40 chain to an inch 1919 map. It went two mile 34 chains from present day Nyanda to Brisbane Blue Metal Company quarry near present day Archerfield aerodrome. See Destination South Brisbane P.27 Also Belmont Tramway File size 12 MB https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...1-1919.jpg
Nambour wide area 1974 including sugar tramways 8.5MB in size https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...r-1974.jpg

Caloundra wide area 1974 including Nambour sugar tramway 3.5MB https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...a-1974.jpg

Grovely to Camp Mt to Samford 1946 and 8MB file size. Interesting sidings around Keperra. Camp Mt smash area included https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...6-1946.jpg

Same Grovely Samford line in 1957 https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...6-1957.jpg

1983 map covers rail route Eumindi Gympie Gunalda including the old Eumundi route and the Mary Valley. 7.7MB file size https://geospatial.information.qld.gov.a...e-1983.jpg
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