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Full Version: Newcastle Line Closure
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Notwithstanding a court injunction application and any other matter; it seems that the government has dug in its heels and services will cease on Christmas Day. It is easy to imagine the conversations in Macquarie St. : "We have been generous and magnanimous to the people of Newcastle with our Christmas gift; closure of the line. The ungrateful wretches are not in the slightest bit thankful and seem only to complain."

Visits this week have revealed that platform2 at Hamilton is being extended to take 8 car emus. There is a scissors crossover ready to instal east of Hamilton station.
East of the Maitland Rd overbridge work is progressing on what I believe to be the sight of the new terminus. The work appears to be limited to providing walkways to allow train crews to change ends.

It makes one wonder!!

With the projected reduction in passengers from the line closure at 24% this would be enough to make the tramway replacement unviable. Could it be that Hamilton is really intended as the final terminus and not the proposed "fowlhouse" type structure a few hundred metres further east??
They can not start building on the land on the very day after the line is closed.

So, there shall be some time spent while we sample the impacts of not having the rail service. That is the best way to silence the critics.

For the record, I am a supporter of keeping the railway.