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Full Version: Wacky Weekend Wanderings (Touring American Mate Around)
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Some sightings and piccies from the weekends dribbly activities.
Had a mate visiting from America and he wanted to go out hunting some ALCo power. Got some, but as it turned out we got much of lesser manufacturer types as well.

Anyway on with the show.

Chullora 08.30
4809 8030
4497 (Still in famous Tittie loco livery)
602 D51 45s1 80s4 K206
42105 42206 7301 7333
1429 1431
*** Amongst other locos.


NR27 LE to Sydney Terminal for IP 09.13
8209 56 18 49 8129 mt coal 09.24
44206 conts to Port Botany 09.32
NR40 NR35 up louver vans 09.38
T385 4471 L/E into Enfield Yard 09.48
** Anyone know what these were up to?


L265 2208 3101 04 ARG from north 11.23

Concord West

X2003 2013 dn XPT 11.53
NR90 AN3 up conts 12.24
CLF3 CLP11 dn conts 12.36

Concord West

NR102 113 76 up conts 14.24


NR27 dn IP 15.10
** Loco to later fail in the Bluie Mountains.

Botany 16.00

1432 1443 conts in new yard
44209 conts in new yard
7307 7321 44206 GLxxx all in goods yard.

All in all a day of throsbys, photos from the weekend will follow.

OK some piccies.

The ARG/Interail/QRN/Whatever train at Flemo came as a bit of s surprise and many shots were taken (best not to ask how).
Finally scored this lovely beast up from since renaming.


[old attachment automagically deleted]
Then there was this one which was really a gab shot before taking the one I really wanted.
Turned it it was the ball tearer of the two.

[old attachment automagically deleted]
Hmmm Intermission

[old attachment automagically deleted]
A spark at Strathfield West for Rowie

[old attachment automagically deleted]
Only one hornbag so far?
We all know there was MANY more than that!
Yes there was

[old attachment automagically deleted]
Hmmm batteries just ran out on camera so they are in for charging.
That means I can't get any more shots off from the last few days, including a incredible Maria cleavage one.
Oh yes the Nohabs yesterday arvo

[old attachment automagically deleted]
There was this special request by the Colonel on asking if the digital could get a good shot of a certain tattoo.

[old attachment automagically deleted]
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