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Ulan Line traffic - rowie - 02-May-2008

Anyone know how many trains per day operate through the Ulan Tunnel? Came across this at a US forum.


IIRC, the centre of the tunnel is the lowest point and was built that way to help it clear naturally?

Re: Ulan Line traffic - KRviator - 04-May-2008

If you mean the Bylong tunnel, it is an uphil battle of 1:116 against Down trains throughout its' length...

Here's the Curge/Gradient chart for the line in *.PDF format...

Re: Ulan Line traffic - Chase42211 - 05-May-2008

Number 3 tunnel is the killer on the Ulan line for Up loaded trains. Its at the top of a 1 in 85 grade.
You enter the tunnel in 8 notch doing about 25-30kph and keep on the power til just over halfway. If all goes well, you will make it out the other side, but sometimes your back two loco's starve of fresh air and shutdown. Depending on how far into the Tunnel you are you can still make it out and continue onto Kerrabee to check over your loco's.
But sometimes with the 82 and 90 classes the computer will trip out and in doing so dumps the air. Thats when you put on the SSR90 air breathing kit and get the hell out of that tunnel.

Re: Ulan Line traffic - fatty - 05-May-2008

Tunnel 3 looks to be about 2000m long, is that correct?

Re: Ulan Line traffic - KRviator - 05-May-2008

IIRC, it's the longest tunnel in the state. The Woy Woy tunnel is about 300 yards shorter at near dead on a mile long.

From NSWrail.net: A 1975m single-track tunnel.

Re: Ulan Line traffic - rowie - 06-May-2008

Thanks gents. Obviously had the Bylong tunnel mixed up with another. If the problem is overheating locos, I wonder if they will do something similar to what TranzRail did at the Otira tunnel. The grade is 1:33 against loaded trains and the door closes and fans start pulling air over train. I shot this video in 2000.


Keep watching up to 2:10 where the effect of the door closing and fans starting becomes apparent

Re: Ulan Line traffic - Timmaaayyyyyyy - 09-May-2008

Rowie, by the time the thought is made into realisation, I'll probably have been retired!