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Steam loco 1042 to steam again! - 3801Fan - 19-Aug-2010

Steam loco 1042 has been on display in maitland for many years but it has been now bought by the Hunter Valley Steamfest and will be restored back to full working order! Theres more info here: http://www.maitlandmercury.com.au/news/local/news/general/new-1m-home-for-1042/1804731.aspx

RE: Steam loco 1042 to steam again! - derailed - 11-Oct-2010

This article is not so positive 1042 will steam again ...what is the same is the $1 MILLION grant....Wink

Display shed puts iconic steam engine on the move

26 Aug, 2010 09:20 AM

Steam engine 1042 will be taken to a new home in time for next year’s Hunter Valley Steamfest.
Maitland City Council will build a storage and display shed in Steam Heritage Park, bounded by Maitland Railway Station and the Trezecinski Bridge, following a resolution at its meeting this week.

Plans for the building include rail lines with a pit beneath to provide an easy workspace for the restoration of the engine.
The engine has long been displayed at Maitland Visitors Centre.

Steamfest chairman, Cr Peter Garnham, said a crane and truck would be used to move the train to the new building in March, in time for the 2011 Steamfest in April.
The cost of the building and removal of the train would be met with a $1 million state government grant.

“It is exactly what [former Maitland MP] John Price and [his successor] Frank Terenzini described it as when they announced the money: a home for Steamfest,” Cr Garnham said.

“The shed will allow us to store and maintain equipment we already have, and to do an assessment of 1042.”
Maitland Steam and Antique Machinery Association members would most likely lease the building from the council.

Cr Garnham said while 1042 was not likely to return to the main lines, he hoped to see it blow steam again.

“The common complaint about Steamfest is that kids can’t get up close and personal with a steam engine, and see how it works,” he said.
“That could happen with 1042.”


RE: Steam loco 1042 to steam again! - rockingthe70s - 14-Mar-2011

Coming through Maitland yesterday and notice that 1042 has been moved from the Information Area at High St and now place at New England Hwy north of Maitland Raiway Station, just sitting half in the new shed display.