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E Class Trams - CNsylvester - 24-Dec-2013

The E Class tram
On Monday 5 November, the E Class trams took their first passengers on route 96, St Kilda to East Brunswick. Before the two trams could join the Yarra Trams fleet and go into service, TSV undertook a rigorous review to ensure that all risks had been managed before the carriage of passengers.

RE: E Class Trams - JimOnTrack - 30-Sep-2016

Now we approach the #50 mark of the original order, and a third route is to gain the E class by the end of the year.

By the end of this year, E class shall be servicing
++ #96
++ #11
++ #86

So far only 70 have been ordered, although there are hopes for a total of 150.