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UK: West Coast Railways - Graham4405 - 04-Apr-2015

I received this interesting e-mail today, thought I'd share it here:

Quote:Dear Fellow Traveller

Passenger safety is our number one priority.

You may have read or seen news relating to Network Rail (owners of the lines used by West Coast Railways) and West Coast Railways.

A recent breach of safety regulations involving one of our trains crossing a red light has lead to discussions by both parties to establish how this happened and more importantly the preventative measures in place to ensure it can’t happen again. Although no one was injured in any way West Coast Railways consider this to be sufficient to carry out a full internal enquiry with the support of Network Rail and at this time will not be running trains under their current used licence.

However all trips remain unaffected and will run as normal under licence of another operator, using the same vintage Mk2 carriages, passengers will not be affected and all schedules including the Jacobite will continue as normal, should there be any changes to services passengers will be notified in advance.

Safety is a primary importance to both West Coast Railways and Network Rail and as such both parties MUST be absolutely satisfied with the safety measures in place to prevent any such future happenings, through continued discussions and when both parties are satisfied it is hoped that West Coast Railways will resume operation under licence.

Should you have any questions regarding this please email bookings@westcoastrailways.net

Many Thanks

West Coast Railways

RE: UK: West Coast Railways - UK185driver - 10-Apr-2016

This has been rumbling on for a while. Their license was reinstated, withdrawn, and reinstated again!