8050 in PN Bollocks!
dateline= Wrote:I'm very disappointed in the upgrade, particularly as they are spending well over a million dollars per unit.

I think i'm gunna have to agree with KR on this one. I'm giving PN a big  O0 for having a go and doing some work on these outdated engines, but i'd like to know if management consulted any of the crews that will be working these units before they started the refurb.

I saw the piccies on the computer at work, and I could think of at least a dozen simple things that could've been done that wern't - eg: a bright/dim switch for the V.C light.

Oh well, at least the old girl is in better nick than when we had it as a bank engine (below) Confusedmilie:

edit - I also find it interesting they have kept the chain for the auto pin lifting bar for bank engine working...

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