Maitland Mercury: 150th of Maitland rail services is 2008??
First, I know that SMR is still alive, but once again the media claimed that. But I think they meant or should have said "When SMR steam ceased in 1983" or words to that effect, not that it closed.

I contacted Dieselfest (Um ur Steamfest) & they claim that Maitland station opened 150 years ago, yet Maitland Station opened in 1880 according to both the PTC History book & NSWrail net, unless they are refering to East Maitland Station, but they did mention 150th of Maitland Station.

On information Peter Garnham (of Steamfest) seems to think that his informaiton is always correct, as two years ago, he goes on the right wing radio talkback show (Graeme Gilbert's talkback), claiming that the 38's were built in 1938. I went on to attempt to correct him, to say no they were built/delivered in the mid 1940's and the host said "We'll stick with Peter's information as he is right"

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