One believed dead after car hits train
Made a right shamozzle of services on the Illawarra, Eastern Suburbs & South Coast lines for a few hrs, I'll give yez the drum.

For a time, the only services that could go beyond Sutherland were Cronulla ones, bustitution having been organised for Waterfall services. South Coast pax had to get the bus to Waterfall to pick up their trains there.

The line was cleared by 2400/0000, which allowed me to proceed to Waterfall and stable 9 run as per usual.

In a fashion that seemed reminiscent of the Harbour Bridge debacles, my driver & I received NO direct information of what had transpired
(effen RailCorpse :mad :grr :Smile :whatever ), though I can't comment on what advice was/wasn't received by other crews. I was able to glean sufficient info to advise my pax partly from a rather garbled announcement on Central pl.#25, partly from another guard who was pass-ing with me, and partly by the EYLette ringing me with what info she had from the TV news (of course she was mainly ringing to make sure I wasn't involved Confusedmitten )
Stand clear, doors slicing

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