NT, Ghan versus gran
(23-Sep-2008, 12:35 PM)Graham4405 link Wrote:[quote author=E-news link=topic=3393.msg56490#msg56490 date=1222121641]
\"It shows that the Government needs to pull its finger out and immediately upgrade the crossing to make it safer\".
The level crossing at Ilparpa Rd has warning signs but no boom gate, lights or bells which residents have requested.
:kboom I'm fairly certain someone in the journalism industry has created a Microsoft Word macro that inserts this text with a single keystroke. Must be the most commonly used text when reporting on level crossing incidents!

Shouldn't they be saying something like: "motorists need to take more care at level crossings" :bat
Why is it that motorists must be protected at all costs? :mad

Yeah- why don' the loco's, train crew and rollingstock need to be "protected"?
"You have enemies? Good! That means that you have stood up for something you believe in, at some time in your life....."

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