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(04-Jun-2011, 12:01 PM)Mick Wrote:
(01-Jun-2011, 06:41 PM)PNR5004 Wrote: Candy XPT passes a derelect looking old Menangle Park.

May I please pinch that for WTWS? If yes, may I please have a date as well, if known?

No worries mate. Shall check my older records but it would be very early 90s, or late 80s.

Planning a scanning day with the Colonel shortly, maybe as soon as this Sunday. Will head down there with a heap of photos and will spend the day scanning (and drinking) stuff for WTWS.
Will be a start. Will need many more days like that.

Trying to finish up three more current projects and get more Pilippine shots to his lordship for that project.

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