Railcar ride in NSW.
(07-Apr-2011, 07:45 PM)QRN_2364D Wrote: Rode a Tin Hare out to Richmond as a 7 year old with my grandfather, a couple of times all the way from Sydney Terminal. For some reason back then I didn't like them, thought they looked weird, rather box-like appearance with what I used to think was a comb attached to the roof.

I had a great love for them.
They certainly were far from a beautiful design, but I think it was the fact they went to all these amazing far flung places I had never been, places I could only dream of getting to back then. Coupled to the strange locations they went on tour and the fascinating parts of the industrial network in which you could ride them.
Railway Digest would often include photos of these little vehicles along the Tocumwal, Merriwa, Tumut, Cowra and the multitude of other branches. But sadly their rural downfall came three years before I got my first car, and the monumental sense of independence that went with it.
Sigh - the old days.

BTW: The comb on the roof was to ensure they always looked smart for each journey. The railways had standards back in those days Confusedmiley
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