QLD Where is it?
Ding dang...these northerners are good. Yep, this is the branch that ran down Morey Street and Seventh Avenue to the BP terminal. It closed sometime in the eighties, was still mostly intact in 1995 but since then has gradually disappeared to the point where the level crossing at Nelson Street is the last remaining section easily visible. As an aside, if anyone has any photos of this branch don't be afraid to post them here...I've never seen any shots of this line in use, although I believe DHs worked on it at the end.

Here's a couple of other shots at the old level crossing.


Over to you EM.
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My brother used to live in the house on the corner of Perkins/Morey St, probably around 1995 when I think of it. I can remember visiting him at that stage with the crossing in front of his house still being more or less intact.

Let's try for a rough km point while we're at it Smile
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Sainty to lock in .... Briaba Bank at a wild guess
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No, not the bank.
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(23-Apr-2012, 07:45 PM)EMBaldwin Wrote: No, not the bank.

Mmmm .... time for some clues EMBaldwin?

Take your photos today as tommorrow may be too late - whatever it may be
Completely forgot about this thread.

Sainty is right in that it is a grade/bank, it just affects trains going the other direction.... and there aren't that many big gradients on the Newlands system really.
Out of my mind. Back in 5 minutes.

Can I proffer a WIzzit to get the ball rolling again?

Dunno 'bout anyone else, but I'd say "count me in" Big Grin
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Well, it's been a while since anyone has guessed. The last clue should give it away to anyone familiar with the Newlands system. Unfortunately I'm not... Smile
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Right-io; sink yer teeth into this one:

[Image: Where%20Is%20It%20100612.jpg?m=1339313484]

Yes that's right another obscure archaeology themed pic!

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