My work and dribbly foamer session away.
dateline= Wrote:[cite] trainsextreme:[/cite]No gold sorry.....not the real kind, or the good old QLD xxxx variety!
I did just happen to find a bottle of Bundy though...
As tonight my job got AMEXed!
Choice, lah!


You should know that once your job is AMEXed they may try to call again and get you to do a job then discipline you for being cuntoxed!!!

Better get that truck of fumes in to replicate the D class cab conditions!
Ah yes...and thats why shortly we are going out to the movies so I am "unable to be contacted for duty"!
Avoids those issues, especially since I am one of the last dinosaurs without a mobilious!
Spadge is having an evil karaoke night Saturday...interested?
Amid all the crap, it is a welcome pustule of truth bursting forth.<br /><br />Well, as they say, &quot;normal&quot; is just a setting on a dryer. So if you stick enough people in a laundry room, someone is bound to want to violate that dryer.
Mate, that 3801 shot is sensational with that rainbow! Bloody marvellous....and that station shot looking under awning of the building...stuff me, i thought that was Murphys Bloody Creek!
"You have enemies? Good! That means that you have stood up for something you believe in, at some time in your life....."

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