Has anyone got any updates from the damage from the fire on thursday nite 12th.
From ABC News

dateline= Wrote:Two fires at Cowra heritage railway operation
A fire has destroyed a shed at the Lachlan Valley Railway compound in Cowra, while another fire nearby has damaged a carriage.
Emergency services were called to the complex in Campbell Street about 5:50pm AEST yesterday.
The fire brigade forced entry into the two-room wooden shed and put out that fire while the Rural Fire Service attended a fire in grass and the carriage about 150 metres from the shed.
Police are investigating the cause of the fires which have caused about $100,000 damage.
Lachlan Valley Railways runs heritage train rides throughout the central west.
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maybe a little bad blood?
dateline= Wrote:[cite] fordps:[/cite]maybe a little bad blood?

ooh gossip - what have you heard?

Was it a dodgy bro's shed or the heritage group (or are they the same thing?)
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Gather round children its story time Smile
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failpage probably has the best info on this:
This link will take you there. Looks deliberate, and apparently there was a re-visit by the scum that did it.
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I was thinking of Jason Roberts when I first heard about this fire.
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So were a lot of people it would seem.

New South Wales has a sad history of revenge attacks on railway museums. Para Park and State Mine being two notable examples.
Not that I am suggesting I know the people responsible for either of these attacks even if I do, which I don't, so I aren't.

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All the filthy Aussie Rail info at http://locoshed.blogspot.com
Check out the Philippine Railway Historical Society. http://philippine-railways.blogspot.com
dateline= Wrote:[cite] Huggies:[/cite]I was thinking of Jason Roberts when I first heard about this fire.

He gives a new slant to the song "Burning down the house"

He was involved in Parra Park around the time of the fire.
Oh What a Gasser! Rex Mossop.

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