WA: Where is it?
No one wants to even take a stab?
To me it looks like it is in the east of the state, Noseman? between Kal and Esp. Smile
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You're a bit too far east, but it certainly is in the southern part of the state. Not that that narrows it down too much.
Clue time:
Place name begins with and ends with the same letter.
Southern Cross. Confusedmiley
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No, too far into the alphabet with that guess.
Narembeen Smile
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Oooooh! Right letter, wrong town. That should narrow it down a bit.
Yes, WA is not that big of a place. Wink :evil

Narrogin. Smile
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Yep, Narrogin it is, got it in one. Your turn Coyote.

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