WA: Where is it?
It is at Rockingham.

They are not actual tracks, but slots to allow for tram tracks to be laid, at some point in the future (never).

Originally the Mandurah train line was meant to terminate in the heart of Rockingham, but that all changed. The alignment is still there, so the plan was made to make it "light rail". Because they wanted to avoid major works at the station end, where the tracks would pass under the road, this was done for the underpass.

Your turn Coyote.
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Given the houses on the hill in the background, I am going to guess its approaching Kwinana Terminal, but unsure of where exactly yet. Will have to research more.
(01-Oct-2014, 09:53 AM)Wabtec Wrote: Esperance??

That is indeed where it is, the road is yours Wabtec. Confusedmiley :beer3
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Yellow next one Red...Open floor.
Where would this be?

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Is it Newdegate?

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