80 Class loco's
EEs are the same as ALCOs.
If you know howto maintain them properly they will run fine.
They seem to do OK in WA compared to NSW, while Tassie maintenence, from all reports, swear by them. They know EEs back to front and thus they were far prefered over the now near extinct Tassie 830s.
Not sure what their thoughts are on EMDs down there.

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All the filthy Aussie Rail info at http://locoshed.blogspot.com
Check out the Philippine Railway Historical Society. http://philippine-railways.blogspot.com
dateline= Wrote:[cite] PNR5004:[/cite]Not sure what their thoughts are on EMDs down there.

I heard there were quite a few noise complaints from people living beside the line. Wouldn't suprise me. A single Clyde running with three 2600's drowns out the U-boat chant. Confusedad:

dateline= Wrote:[cite] PNR5004:[/cite]
A.E Goodwin
** This is not to suggest A.E Goodwin built them though.

So did you ever find out what the A.E. stands for? Arthur Edward? Arseholes Etc?


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