Older Diesel Locomotives Warning of Possible Presence of Bonded Asbestos Materials.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh how ironic.
What, your not going to ban crews from the cabs?

ATHRA Alert - APRIL 2007

Pacific National has recently reported the identification in their older diesel locomotives of
bonded asbestos material. The material is chrysotile asbestos in a bonded substrate and has
been used in electrical compartments such as backing boards and/or contactor arc chutes. The
particular classes of Pacific National locomotives affected are H, S, T, X, Y, 48 and 80 class
Examples of bonded asbestos materials (Courtesy of Pacific National)
Cabin fuse & battery knife switch backing board Engine room arc chute in an X class
in a Y class locomotive The black coloured arc chutes to the left
were found to contain bonded asbestos.
Pacific National has determined that the asbestos found in locomotive electrical compartments
and control boards is in a bonded form, meaning that the asbestos fibres are bound in the
material and will not be released into the air unless the component is mechanically disturbed
such as by drilling or grinding or appears to be damaged. Pacific National has determined that
no additional precautions are required for Locomotive Drivers when accessing electrical
compartments and control boards under normal operating conditions.
Pacific National is developing a program to remove all bonded asbestos material that is
identified in the arc chutes across its locomotive fleet. Pacific National has also determined that
the material present in the electrical backing boards in electrical compartments is of a bonded
asbestos type and unless obviously damaged or mechanically disturbed, does not require
systematic replacement.

Work Cover Advice
The New South Wales and Victorian Work Cover Authorities have advised Pacific National of
the following:
If these products are maintained in good order they present no significant health risk.
However, safety precautions must be taken when working on any product containing
asbestos in a way that is likely to generate dust.
Thus a health risk should not be present with the asbestos containing materials that are present
within locomotive electrical compartments and control boards in normal locomotive operation.
However appropriate precautions and procedures are required for all maintenance activities
involving this bonded material.
Key Message
Asbestos containing materials have been used extensively throughout industry in a variety of
applications. Bonded asbestos materials have been used extensively for backing boards in
electrical switchboards in a wide variety of settings. Although the Pacific National report is
specific to H, S, T, X, Y, 48 and 80 class locomotives, it is likely that bonded asbestos materials
have been used for the same purposes in locomotives of similar vintage.
Recommended Actions:
• Make this Alert available to your locomotive maintenance crews and drivers.
• Ensure your procedures for identifying, working with and removing asbestos and
asbestos containing materials comply with the requirements of your State regulations.
• Ensure your locomotive maintenance crews understand the appropriate procedures for
working with asbestos containing materials and the health risks of not following the
required procedures.
• Establish a procedure to identify and record the types of backing boards and contactor
arc chutes in your locomotives and to record the removal of asbestos containing
materials if found.
• Undertake a risk assessment of all identified bonded asbestos materials to determine if it
can be safely maintained in-situ or if a program of replacement is required.
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Reminds of Wuiske who was working on the cab of DL1 with a mate at Ipswich only to find out it will full of loose Asbestos fibers from the roof.
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I think some Failcorp folk will NEED asbestos underwear at the rate theyre going with Rockdale box!:devil:
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