Rockdale Signalbox
Why dont we start a petition and circulate it via email and everyone puts their name and suburb on it, and circulate it via as many railfan forums as possible and then submit it to Railcorp, maybe the box could be saved that way.

Just a thought


Hi mate,
It may well be worth a try bit given the response to the whole thing I am unsure how far we will get.
There is an awful amount of negativity in this hobby. People seem to thrive in working against each other instead of together and achieving great things.
I had all but given up after the initial Railpage thread, but thanks to the support of you guys it has pushed us on.

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I will be in that. Failcorp takes it up the...... doo darr, doo darr, .....etc....:devil:
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I agree about the comment on negative attitudes Brad. I asked someone at A.M.R.A. who frequents Failpage if they were going to write to Failcorp. His response was is that couldn't care if Failcorp rip down the cabin. How Nice!
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