Launch of 3642
(27-Feb-2008, 09:21 PM)Loco3112 link Wrote:We got a good giggle out of Roy's posts, the kiddie foamers still haven't worked it out!

I've known it was happening for a fair few months now :biggrin:
Although to be fair, I didn't really need to work it out, I was told...

Still, Does that mean I can be upgraded to just a normal kiddie, or am I still a kiddie foamer :an_uglystupid2:


I'm sure you realise there are quite a few individuals who are on the "in" with this. I know of one other member on this forum who i've discussed this with at length, as we are both involved  Wink

With that said, there are interesting times ahead for preservation. Details will come to hand in due course. At present, there is a lot of "wait and see".

"These pilot's are such head cases.......the worst part is that we need more of them!"
Indeed, don't worry, I was just having a bit of fun with Loco3112's post saying the kiddies haven't worked it out Wink
I'm certainly not "in" and am looking forward to finding out the rest of the story just as much as everyone else.


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