NSW, Groups want Casino-Murwillumbah rail restored
NSW, Groups want Casino-Murwillumbah rail restored
ABC News NSW, Posted Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:00pm AEDT
• Map: Lismore 2480
A lobby group says the State Government must seriously reconsider restoring the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line to meet the needs of a growing population.
The Northern Rivers Trains for the Future (NRTF) has reacted angrily to comments made yesterday by the Premier, Morris Iemma, that he had no plans to revisit the possible re-opening of the line.
Mr Iemma denied that $150,000 earmarked for an unpopular bridge in Sydney, would be better spent restoring NSW's far north coast rail services.
But Trains on our Tracks (TOOT) spokeswoman, Karin Kolbe, says the Labor Government made a financial offer to the Howard Government, and a similar deal should be offerred to the new Federal Government.
"Here is a perfect opportunity to say 'look, lets have a look again and put up the offer,'" Ms Kolbe said,
"If there was money available last year, why isn't there money available now?"
"And if there's money available for the Iron Cove Bridge why can't there be money available for the Casino to Murwillumbah railway line," she said.
Here is another opening for you MikeL. Ready to start taking over the world yet?
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
I wonder if these interest / lobby groups have any real idea of the track that they hold so dear,

From Casino to Murwillumbah, opened in sections between 1894 - 1905 is just under 129 klm's, ruling grade in both directions is 1 in 50 on class 2 track, prior to closure there where 40 or so speed restrictions for sighting distance, track under observation and bridges under observation, there is around 103 level crossings, 15 over bridges, 123 under bridges and culverts, 8 tunnels, 180 or so curves on the line, the tightest around 210 metres all this in a high rainfall area with high vegetation growth, no wonder the government doesn't want to know about it.

Fair enough there is a tourist potential but the cost of reopening and then maintaining the line would be prohibitive.
Sounds a bit like the Dorrigo branch?!
There may be soem limited scope for some sort of connecting service to Byron from the XPT. but any more than that would be a waste of time and effort.
"You have enemies? Good! That means that you have stood up for something you believe in, at some time in your life....."
Well I think that this groups efforts are misguiuded.  The game has changed! Their aim should be to get a strategic corridor gazetted that will connect to the QR 3'6" network and Collingatta airport.  Which if you were to survey people in the Northern Rivers which rail options they would like to see this would be it.
Oh What a Gasser! Rex Mossop.

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