Cronulla duplication
there should be some options where you can set the output size of the pic, but to me they seem quite reasonable - 800 pix? the file size is only just a shade over 100 k, so I think they're fine.
[Image: main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=61026]

Great set of photos there. Where the new track has been laid, there doesn't seem to be too much of a gap between the rails. The current standard in Melbourne is a 4m gap between track centres. Do you know what they are using in Sydney?
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I would guess that the gap would be approx. 2m, based on the term "the 6-foot" for that area of the rail corridor; "the 4-foot" of course being the area between each rail of a track.
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There will be some more piccies soonish (from a more recent sojourn in the Down direction) - in which you will all see that things have moved on apace - but alas not now, as I'm totally shagged from a late sign off and can't be :botbot to u/l etc :dig
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Nice shots, EYL - admittedly, it's been a while (ages, in fact) since I've been down Cronulla way. Once this work is complete, will the whole branch be duplicated, or will there be any remaining bits of single track?
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No, it will be double track all the way, and from what I understand from the briefing I received recently, unidirectional from Sutherland.

The old Goods Siding at Sutherland will become an unwired perway siding, and its current role as a turnback siding for ex-city terminators will be filled by the Down Refuge between Sutherland & Loftus.

Surprisingly, in the places where one think there might be crossovers, there won't be - notably between the junction and Merton St, on the Up side of Gymea and on the Down side of Caringbah :mad However there will be a new one between Cronulla & Woolooware, near St Andrews Pl, which will replace the current one near the city end of the Cronulla platform.

Speaking of platforms, the big long platform will be more clearly defined as platform #1 (city end) & platform #2 (country end). Unlike currently, there will be a friction buffer stop at the end of pl. #1 road; pl. #2 road being accessed from the Up Main. And two "extra" sidings next to the existing Goods Siding - they aren't really extra because in actual fact they merely replace the old Storage Siding, which will be the new Down Main.
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Hmmm - would'nt that be a bit awkward, having a break in the platform road? Do you know which platform will be the most used, under the new set-up?
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At present, #1 is the most used, with #2 aka SE (south end) only used for detraining pax and momentary storage of trains.

It's my understanding that in future both will be used equally, possibly leaning more toward #1 during off-peak.
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great photos of the line,cannot understand why the delay in duplication ,all stations to Cronulla in today's times would benefit in the service.
The most recent Weekly Notice advises that the Down track will be "brought into use" this coming Friday, though whether that means revenue services, test trains or what is so far unclear :confused
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