NSW, Answers sought on cyanide trains
NSW, Answers sought on cyanide trains

Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon is challenging the NSW Government to inform residents of the Blue Mountains and beyond about how much and how often cyanide is being transported by rail through their communities for the purposes of gold mining in Western NSW.
Blue Mountains Friends of the Earth are hosting an information night on the use of cyanide in gold mining at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba from 6.30 pm tomorrow.
Cyanide is now being transported from Gladstone, where it is produced, to gold mines in Western NSW through the Blue Mountains and Lithgow, Bathurst districts.
"The Blue Mountains is the source of most of Sydney's water supply and a cyanide spill would have significant consequences," Ms Rhiannon said.
"In 2007 I asked the Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water, about the amount of cyanide being transported by rail and the frequency of its transportation.
“The answer was, 'we don't know'.
"It seems either the NSW Government doesn't know, or the information is part of a secret deal with Orica, the maker of cyanide, and Pacific National, its rail carrier.
"It's estimated that more than 60,000 tonnes of cyanide a year are freighted down the East Coast from Gladstone where Orica makes it, across Sydney and over the Blue Mountains to gold mines in Western NSW.
"The government is currently considering whether to grant approval to expand the controversial Lake Cowal gold mine.
"This will almost double the size of the pit and extend mine's life from 13 to 20 years.
"This means, for just this one mine alone, at least an additional 6000 tonnes a year of cyanide will pass through the Blue Mountains for an extra seven years," Ms Rhiannon said.
Yes of course. They got it all wrong. They should ship the cyanide on those wonderfully safe trucks.
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Weren't these the same fucktards who tried to stop one of our high-wheelers on the North Coast Line last year to "demand" inspection of "the train manifest to determine if, and how much, cyanide is being carried" by said train...

Friggin nimby's...
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I would like to know which trains carry cyanide over the blue mountains as cyanide would only be carried on PN intermodel trains would it not?, the majority of those run via Cootamundra and across to Stockingbingal for Parkes.

Miss informed non gunzel Nimby's. :Smile
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Gee i am glad they did't know that we you's to park 800 tonnes of cyanide 10 metres from the fence boundary of a large school in Gladstone.
God I'd rather know it's on a train, than hurtling down a highway right next to my wifey & kids (like Mike_L said) - now nobody tell them about that nasty acid or lead that gets transported around the place on trains...
(14-Apr-2008, 12:25 PM)Jacob link Wrote:God I'd rather know it's on a train, than hurtling down a highway right next to my wifey & kids
Shouldn't you be taking the wife and kids on the train? Wink
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