Victorian Sightings
Not much to report today.

Camberwell yard had an Xtrap in D siding. It was horrible to sleep on.

Boom gates were stuck down at Boundary Road, just near Fawlkner Station. Police were quickly on the scene, not hard to do considering the police station is right there. One officer seen eating a sandwich.
A young red kangaroo was seen bounding along track side on the hill towards Upfield. I couldn't get my phone out quick enough to get a photo, and he had gone by the time I got back there.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
Watching train passengers in Melbourne is hilarious - one at Footscray this arvo was a women who was doing a mad run to catch a Werribee train that was 11mins late. Barges through the crowd and trys to force the doors, doesn't work so some stupid schoolkids forced the doors open for her and she tryed (and failed) to jump into a moving train. Never see that kinda stuff up north.

Noticed this afternoon that fencing is going up beside the rail line between Highett Station and Wickham Rd. Funny that I foamed over a BL class there only a week ago and there was no fence at all.

And on Wednesday, very few pax (20ish in all of economy?) on the up Swan Hill that I caught from Eaglehawk in the arvo. Doesn't anybody in the Mallee area use V/Line?
I saw this fence going up today too. They had all the poles in, and were placing the cyclone wire on it.
A very crap comeng was used for a sojourn to Frankston this morning. It has a defective MA, motors cut out, and two defective A/C's. It was taken out of service once I eventually got back to Flinders Street.

Reports that the controller keys of a diesel loco have been put up for sale. A7 brake handle, A7 Air brake handle, and a Reverser key. It was reported on the back of the Weekly notice, that selling of such item is a bit of a no-no.

A driver waiting in the Altona Sidings at Newport, on Willi Shuttles, had rocks thrown at his train, disturbing his sleep. While no damage was done to the train, the Driver did report he would get me back one day. It was just a small handful of gravel, honest!

Some sleeper replacement has been done on the Willi line. EM100 was also spotted running down the line. If requested, I guess I could upload the photos.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
Ok, here is the sightings for the last couple of days.

The Temple of the Heavenly Queen has had some more work done to it. What did look like a helipad being constructed on the heart shaped dam, has now had some vertical bits of metal put on it. Either they are planning on stabbing the helicopters as they land, like those spikes work with pigeons, or the helipad is now a gazebo.

The Quarantine place has a full on kick arse, genuine Humvee in the yard. This is not the wanker limo kind, but the one that can shot at, and keep going.

Ok, so it doesn't sound like much, but the track is pretty boring between South Kensington and Footscray, these too places have everyone's attention.

In other news, Sunday saw some chess being played in Melbourne Yard. A 6 car Sprogger was split in half on 8 road, and 3 cars went to 2 road. Then the 6 cars on 4 road were split, with the front 3 cars going onto 8 road, and attaching to form a 6 car train. Then the back three cars on 4 road were moved onto 2 road, and attached.

The resleepering of the Sandy line continues at a fair pace. It turns out that concrete sleepers are now only about 10% more expensive than wooden sleepers, when they were about double the price. Apparently because of this, there will be a lot more resleepering undertaken.

Connex are trying to keep the contract for the network, by glossing up around Flinders Street. They have deployed a heap of barrier staff, in different coloured vests around the place. The vests are kind of like a hi-vis vest, but with out the hi-vis. The ones with a yellow top half, and blue bottom half, are there to take questions from the sheep, in a hope the Drivers don't get sick of proving sheep are stupid.

The (Corr)Up(t)field line has a few new sections of track sitting next to level crossings, so I guess there will be a shut down of the line soon to put these into place.

The Lilydale line was observed recently, for the first time in a while. It is still boring as all bat shit, complete with mullet and flannel shirt. Summer is coming though, so expect the flanny to change to a blue singlet soon.

Some signal replacements have happened at North Melbourne, just conversions to LED, and the new station is really starting to take shape now.

A new group of trainee drivers started this week. Mmmmm, fresh meat.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
List member Andy B was noticed gunzelling early this morning. He spent the day annoying drivers on the Sandringham and Pakenham lines, before buying brunch. The scrambled eggs were a bit too peppery, but not bad.

N class 465 is still stalking me.

Initial works have started at Craigieburn, for the extension of the yard. Apparently there is a train wash, and works depot going into this location, but I haven't seen any plans for this yet.

Overhead a v/line train occupied the same physical space as a car at Oak Park. Car thought it was in the right because it was there first, train proved that to be wrong. Some delays were caused, but no further details.

Not much else happening, it's been pretty quite out there on the tracks.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
A78 in Melbourne Yard yesterday afternoon. A bit further down from it, a couple of derailed T classes and a few derailed log wagons.

(Unfortunately I was on a passing train and genuinely needed to get somewhere, hence no time to hop off and get a shot)
The fun continues at Melbourne Yard today, with the main points failing. It would have made for an interesting afternoon, but thankfully I was home and naked before it happened.

A three car Vlocity has been up Seymour way for a few days, it is there for driver training.

Platforms 5 and 6 are currently being extended at North Melbourne. I think this is for the 7 car Vlocities to Geelong. My understanding is, the 7 car units (one 3 and 2x2) will only stop at certain stations, therefore costing the State Government less than having to extend all platforms.

N465 is still stalking me.

Word is the Silvers will be back on the tracks with in the next week. Apparently four units are ready for service, bar the paper shuffling.

Cranbourne Yard is pretty much completed, all it needs is a ribbon cut, and so Politicians to have a wank over how good they are. As the new timetable is due to start in just over a week, this should happen soon.

Works were being carried out at Albion today. Amazing that work is actually being done on the Sydenham line. More amazing was the use of flagmen. Finally, to really rock your socks, the Flaggies knew what to do, and did their job correctly.

A shunt to Burnley which was meant to go from platform 2/3 was changed to platform 6/7. The Driver concerned was not bothered, as it gave her more time to finish off the Vietnamese Sausage Roll she was eating at the time.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
Still off sick, so stuff all trains sighted.

News from around the traps though. First bridge section for the Merri Creek bridge duplication has been lifted into place.
Last Broad Gauge passenger train to Albury either happened yesterday, or is next Sunday. I forget.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
(03-Nov-2008, 09:58 AM)Trampanto link Wrote:Last Broad Gauge passenger train to Albury either happened yesterday, or is next Sunday. I forget.

SRHC is running a tour from Melbourne > Albury > Melbourne next Saturday. Will be the last train to do it in both directions. V/Line's up pass will depart Albury as normal on Saturday morning, and also run from Melbourne to Albury on Saturday evening before returning as empty cars.

Buses Seymour <-> Albury from Sunday, except for the XPT.

My opinion on the demise of the North East BG is 'good riddance'.
Thanks for the clarifications there Somebody. I agree with your opinion on the demise too. We can only hope now it is the start of a chain reaction that grips the rest of the State.
&quot;How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess.&quot;

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