Victorian Sightings
TP, are there drivers based at each of the outer terminus stations who would be the ones that work the first & last trips out of them?

I've taken a photo before of A60 sandwiched between two bones on a light engine movement. They sometimes put odd combinations on the light engines that go between South Dynon and SCS.

Noticed recently at Cranbourne during the day that there was nothing in the big new siding complex. Also noted there was a chocolate machine at the very front of the platform, most likely to be handy to the driver but gives the normal pax (such as me) a good reason to walk to the very front car.
There are Outstation and Depot Drivers.
The Outstations, in no particular order are:

Frankston, Carrum, Mordialloc, Sandringham, Cranbourne (new depot), Dandenong, Pakenham, Westall, Glen Waverley, Belgrave, Upper Ferntree Gully, Ringwood, Lilydale, Hurstbridge, Eltham, Macleod, Epping, Upfield, Craigieburn, Broadmeadows, Sydenham (also works half of St. Albans), and Werribee.

The Depot Drivers work the trains for Melbourne Yard, North Melbourne, Macaulay, Newport, Flemington Racecourse (newish location), Victoria Park (day time stabling only), Camberwell and Burnley.

Drivers can be split between working an Outstation or the Depot, if they have a permanent swap with another driver. Some do a week of mornings at an Outstation, then a week in the Depot, or vice versa. Some Depot Drivers also relieve at Outstations, when there is not enough drivers to cover the shifts there. For example, Sandringham is one of the locations I have agreed to go to on relief. The Driver on the first today is on holidays, and the Holiday Relief Driver at Sandringham was off sick. As my name was the first on the list, I was asked to work the shift. I could refuse it if I want to, but it was a Day Off for me today, so I may as well work the shift.
There is nothing they can do if you refuse to work the shift, but if you keep refusing shifts, you tend to get overlooked when shifts come up, unofficially of course.

As for Cranbourne, I am not sure if trains are being stabled there as yet, as it was put online while I was on holidays. As for the chocolate machine there, I did notice it yesterday, and that the prices are generally $2.50 for a bar, but I did not make use of the machine. I too was flummoxed by the location of the machine, I guess they don't want it to do much business, and it will be moved at a later date. Most likely onto the tracks by the local ferals, or CWA members.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
Sightings for today:

Trampanto was seen eating a pork roll. Bravus was seen ALSO eating a pork roll simultaneously, in the reflection of a Comeng on platform 1.

Pimptachi 196M (IIRC) and friends was seen at Epping yards at midday.

That is all.
You bastard, I was going to post that.

It should also be noted that Bravus was seen looking like a homeless puppy, waiting in the window at a pet store. He was actually located in the Drivers Standby room, but still looked out of place.

Other observations today:

The second span of the Merri Creek bridge is in place now. At Clifton Hill, the siding has been removed, the points at the Up end removed, and overhead fixed at the Up end. The points still exist at the Down end of the Up platform, but have been spiked. Work continues to have this end fixed up, which I dare say will happen at the next shut down. At the Westgarth end, half of a new set of points have been installed close to the bridge. Not sure about the point of doing this, maybe they plan to swing everything over to where the new Up track will be when it is place, so they can shift the down line.

A Silver was used for a Glen Wobbly the other day. It was an express service on the way there, so much foaming was enjoyed by the Driver. I'm glad I have non slip footwear.

Things were stuffed up on the Werribee line as per usual. My Up train was delayed for 10 minutes at Altona Junction, so when I eventually arrived at Werribee, I was turned into a very limited express service, which only stopped six times between Werribee and Flinders Street.

N class 465 took a break from stalking me for the last few days, instead it has been N 456.

Craigieburn yard has the kick arse tonka trucks going full belt. New points leading to the yet to be installed roads are in place, and some sections of track have been stockpiled.

Word is the new sidings being built at Newport is going to be thirteen sidings, not six. But as the area hasn't even been marked out yet, I'll believe it when I see it.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
I'm half way through my shift, and I have already been stalked by N456.

Nothing to report from down Packed In Ham way, although everything was running on time today.

Bravus also see stuffing his face with a pork roll, here's hoping he doesn't discover the half pound eclairs across the road, or he will never be able to fit into the cab.

As I only have to go to Heidelberg for the second half of my day, I don't think I will see anything else of interest. If there is, I'll include a photo of tits for having wasted your time with this entry.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
your tits? :evil
[Image: main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=61026]

Meanwhile, back in the batcave....

Bravus, while eating his pork roll, watched Trampanto eating a pork roll, and secreting the "female love" all over his motorcycle.

I then ran the Heidelberg train after TPs, and upon shunting it into VPK sidings, discovered hers beautifully located on the wood. A round of applause to TP.
Yes I was stalked by Bravus today. Not only did he stalk me out to the Burg, he also stalked me on the Packed In Ham line, but didn't see me.
As for the motorbike thing, the only thing I was amazed about, is how you could wind such a small rubber band so tightly. As for pork rolls, I had an egg roll, Bravus also had the sweet buns, which will turn him into a fat bastard in no time.

In other news, Hitachi's have been removed from service again. Unless they have been modified to have an internal trip device, they are not allowed out on the tracks.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
Ah yes, but TP paid for my sweet buns... and haven't I heard THAT before.

Hitachis withdrawn AGAIN? The union REALLY don't want them out, do they?
I saw while travelling over the top of the yards in North Melbourne today, a log train in the yard.

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