A D On The Bank? Which Bank?
Got a phone call from The Colonel last night with notification that a D class was headed north to act as a banker up Cowan for the Cotton train.

Apparently one of the locos was bollocksed or something. I am unsure if thats an official mechanical term though :-)

He was unsure whether it would be getting banked on the front or banked up the rear. Now Fluffy has left it could be either way.

As it would have passed through doing night and as I am still in way to much pain to have bothered I have only got around to mentioning now.

I trust this isn't to must bother unless you use 1600asa film or something.

I wonder if they later needed another banked for the D?????

Anyway there you go.

** I finished my antibiotics today. Do any alcoholic members of the group know whether it is safe to drink rum with Panadeine Forte or is alcohol bad with ALL medications?
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