Everyday Queensland Observations (now with added trams)
I thought I might start this as an alternative to Failpage. Might want to make it a sticky ?

Yesterday: 1769D + 1725D on Girder Train #0FG1 at the Nerang River Bridge on the Gold Coast Line.

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1769D has mainly been a Toowoomba loco. Interesting to see it on the Gold Coast Line.
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1769D spent a lot of time in Rocky and working on the Central Line early this year. It was captive to Rocky-Winton freight for a few weeks.
Interesting, and here I was thinking it was mainly a Toowoomba loco.
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Hey, I just watched the credits - LOL - well done hugs
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dateline= Wrote:[cite] paul_1089:[/cite]Interesting, and here I was thinking it was mainly a Toowoomba loco.
1769 was allocated to Mayne during the 1990's when I lived in Brisbane.

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I heard a Clyde going past today. Does that count as an "Observation"

dateline= Wrote:[cite] rowie:[/cite]I heard a Clyde going past today. Does that count as an \"Observation\"

Well, you did observe the sound of a loco.:boogie:
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1769 been in the same spot at Mayne last couple of days, still there this morning at 7:30am (30/5)
Passed on with permission. Feel free to ignore the non QRN related stuff.


> Drove past Goninans at 2030 and again at 2130 this evening, and
noted 3704
> outside the workshops doorway, in the fenced-off electric test compound
> (complete with overhead contact bracket suspended from a wooden pole).
> Un-decalled 5012 was also outside, along with Hunter set 7 with
lights on.
> Inside were EL56, 3705; 3706, and three other white 3700s. Depending
> whether the bare metal unit I sighted a few days back has been
> and returned to the main workshop, there are six or seven of the QR
> electrics in there.
> Peter
> Ps: anyone who may be on any of the Queensland enthusiast lists,
please feel
> free to forward my posts if you think fellow members may be
interested in
> how their "new" electrics are progressing.
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