Everyday Queensland Observations (now with added trams)
For those not on the various Facebook groups or Flickr, I have put together some pics below showing some of the happenings on the near North Coast for September so far...

PN002 87P0 Corella 04/09/14
[Image: 15135788532_4533e5905e_b.jpg]

2163 2413 P984 Palmwoods 07/09/14
[Image: 15160484901_b6f072b957_b.jpg]

1620 60W2 Pomona 09/09/14
[Image: 15001124088_1452bd6a48_b.jpg]

PN13 82P5 Curra 09/09/14
[Image: 15001027850_aebc330747_b.jpg]

87P0 Gunalda 09/09/14
[Image: 15187327742_7406b1dbea_b.jpg]

2365 2362 6824 Yandina 11/09/14
[Image: 15183382626_e64ba50092_b.jpg]

2812 2494H 2844 Y279 Palmwoods 14/09/14
[Image: 15231639235_15c9c0f11c_b.jpg]

2353 1758 65C4 Pomona 15/09/14
[Image: 15222859276_4b2d348472_b.jpg]

2811 YU55 Theebine 18/09/14
[Image: 15089787958_ab7301fd3b_b.jpg]

PN007 82P5 Woondum 18/09/14
[Image: 15273242271_23724cc152_b.jpg]
Four trains within about 30 minutes at Palmwoods this morning:

10:50 6EC3 pulls into Buderim loop:
[Image: 15117083610_1cd9d5d685_b.jpg]
[Image: 15117022649_010f6770aa_b.jpg]

11:03 PC37 Sunlander passes in the Main Line:
[Image: 15117204858_1761fd9127_b.jpg]

11:13 TL05 stops on platform, P984 Sunlander through loop:
[Image: 15280747796_9545f0e1f6_b.jpg]

11:20 6EC3 departs towards the north following TL05:
[Image: 15300654641_c1fec5b6d9_b.jpg]

Sad to know this scene may only occur a handful of times before the Sunlanders are removed...
Townsville sightings - 24/9/2014

Hi all

Breaking news - at 13.00 8317 attached to the Inlander set in Townsville's South Yard.
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Well, I'll never. This will be a hot topic for photographers!
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Townsville Sightings 26/9/2014

2214D & 2213D with 9L99 Yabulu coal train...

Nickel Plate High Speed Service
Killymoon Creek truck crash 27/9/2014

A bit of chaos in Townsville at the moment...a semitrailer crashed off the Bruce Highway and onto the NCL near Killymoon Creek around 9.00am. 8273 was stopped midsection north of Storth just short of the crash and VCQ5 was held at Ayr. By 12.30pm the obstruction was removed with 8273 arriving at South Yard at 12.55pm. The tilt followed closely and was in the Townsville station at 1.10pm, and was supposed to depart at 1.30pm to clear the platform for P984 Sunlander.
Nickel Plate High Speed Service
0615 29.9.14

2x 1720s with 39 stock wagons westbound through Miles.

I'm excited.
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I support the move to put Freight on Rail. Whats the point of having infrastructure if it is not being utilised.
(29-Sep-2014, 06:15 AM)Yesman Wrote: 0615 29.9.14

2x 1720s with 39 stock wagons westbound through Miles.

I'm excited.

You missed the eastbound move to Dinmore on Saturday arvo with 2365 leading the two 1720s (only one online though).....
Home on the range.....

19.35 9293 loaded Bowen Coke headed down to the Townsville Jetty with 2213D & 2201D
Nickel Plate High Speed Service
Through Home Hill around 1700ish. Just spotted the wagons between the buildings.
Out of my mind. Back in 5 minutes.

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