Gunzelling extreme..
Where exactly was it at?
Yeah, well up here the safety boot of choice is thongs to go with lime green train proof vests from DB in Europe.
Resident photography advisor.
It really doesn't surprise me that a lot of drivers and railway workers have a very low opinion of train buffs. It's folk like this that trespass and do dangerous and silly things for a photo (and really, how much better could that photo be from there as opposed to any of the other spots around botany) that tar all buffs with the same brush.

I hope this person got their shot, because they are not helping the hobby any. Very selfish attitude.

(That said, I got nothing against drivers and other qualified people who take photos from within the corridor, usually they have the required safe working qualifications and know what they are doing around live rail...)
What I find most shocking about that pic, is that the gunzel in question looks waaaaaaay old enough to know better :eek

Looks can be deceiving.... :Smile
Stand clear, doors slicing
If it's who I think it is, they quite likely have every right to be there.  Not saying that it's entirely safe, but they are likely allowed to be where they are.
I have no idea who it is, or was.
This bloke had his son on the overbridge manning a camera as well, while dad quite happily wandered about on the mainline, and on top of the wagons as seen, to get his pictures.
To make his way to the wagons in the first place meant having to walk down the track a short distance, towards something of a blind corner on a rolling downhill grade.
Lets just say if he was a railway bloke he certainly wasn't working, the rest of us gunzelly types who do it on our days off, dont make a blatant case of climbing all over stuff as seen, nor make an example of it to their kid.
Of course if he did have every right, I dont mind being corrected.
Amid all the crap, it is a welcome pustule of truth bursting forth.<br /><br />Well, as they say, &quot;normal&quot; is just a setting on a dryer. So if you stick enough people in a laundry room, someone is bound to want to violate that dryer.

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