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C502 and Cs5 on 5442 Werris Creek containerized coal, new 9201 with 15? NHFF 100t type coal hoppers and 8138/82 in idle on the back doing adhesion tests up to Ardglen. Second trip the 82 was detached at Willow tree for 9201/train/8138.

The 92 seems to goes alright uphill but once it stops thats it, failed to lift the train from a dry standing start on the 1in40 at Kankool without assistance on both attempts I saw. Fair go though, I don't see how they could have expected anything to lift 1700 odd ton away from Kankool.
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Around 0200-ish, I saw an up Manildra service go through Waterfall with the most interesting lash up yet of motive power: a 31 leading a pair of KLs and behind that, an SSR bulldog :eek (sorry, didn't get loco numbers, too late & too tired at end of shift Confusedtuffed  ). What was equally interesting that with all that killer wattage, it wasn't a very big rake (max 20? wagons). But Manildra trains on the Illawarra never are......

It's not often in the course of work that I spot the same freighter on the same day, separated by significant gulfs of time & distance.

In this case it was a Pt. Kembla-bound coalie, quad-82 hauled, which I first spotted on the up at Penrith, as I was about to work 64 run out of the back platform (#3) at 2240 (8256 & 8222 were the 3rd & 4th locos).

We passed it at Westmead, where it was pulled up at the starting stick on the Up Main.

Hours later, after I'd clambered into the dunnydoor, gone to the 'gong for juice, then finally at my local levelxing, mere metres away from home, the gates go down, a Down coalie comes thundering through - yes, 8256, 8222 & sisters! This would have been at approx. 0249.

Even at that time of night, would just over 4hrs (allowing for various red sticks along the way) from Penrith to Corrimal be normal?
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What was suppose to be the last fuel train to Dubbo, ran last night, I think it had a 80 and 81 on the front, was on the other side of Lithgow around some time 22.00. Confusedmiley
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I'll give this one a nudge.

Seen at Stroud Road today at 0945 was...

NR75 NR68 heading north with 4MB2 Containers
NR112 NR9 heading south with 4BW4 Steel, was in the loop for 4MB2 to pass.

Today at East Maitland

0955 5456 Wheat
G535 4402 4816 KL80 G521

Not a shabby combo!
NR16 AN1 lead 4BW4 out of Morandoo this afternoon. Cool combo!
1BM2 with NR55 and NR31 sighted at Bonville loop.

pic here >>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63211666.html

7WB3 with NR16 (Peoples NR)NR42 and NR117 sighted near Nana Glen.

pic here >>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63212522.html


1WB3 was sighted with NR50 NR40 and NR1 near Mackays Road.

pic here >>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63230027.html


Monday 15/02/2010 - Narrabri

1455hrs 8123 LE in yard

Tuesday 16/02/2010 - Narrandera

1430hrs X45 + 48119 + X46 shut down in yard
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Saw a pair of 81 class light engine on the Down at Coalcliff at about 1230. Can't remember the no's but it was the sexy new livery :dribbly
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