Everyday NSW Sightings And Other Bollocks!
At North Goulburn this afternoon.
8173 hauling 2 Endeavour and 1 Explorer car. In transit to Bombardier, Melbourne for refurbishment.
This movement seems to be outside of previously published timetables for these movements.

[Image: 4387229278_eabab561de_o.jpg]
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Nice catch there Les, certain is out of the normal running times for that transfer.

We have another marooned coal wagon at Waterfall, as of late Thursday night. Like the last time, fortuitously this one just happened to be right behind the loco (similar problem, flat wheels or summat). I can't remember all the details as described by the DM, but shoving it into one of the long disused loco sidings at the northern end of the yard was the best solution at the time.

If anyone's interested, I'll try to get a pic thereof.

For reference, these were the previous marooned wagons:

[Image: th_IMG_0140acc.jpg]

[Image: th_IMG_0125c.jpg]

[Image: th_IMG_0124c.jpg]
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Friday 26th February...

44209 heading towards Flemington Junction through Rookwood Cemetry around 0830'ish with containers.

There was a whole lotta coalie bollocks going down at Waterfall yesterday arvo. I don't know the full story, so I can only draw conclusions from what I observed.

When I arrived for work at 1703, I saw an Up coalie entering the yard. Nothing unusual about that, except this one was loaded  :confused Generally Up coalies are empty, returning to the Blue Mts & beyond for more coal. And I dismissed the idea of it having originated from Metropolitan Colliery at Helensburgh, as those have 2 x locos top'n'tailing - this one had the usual quad of locos.

Anyway, this one made its way into the Up Goods loop, then the locos detached & came back light engine onto the Down Main. At the same time, there was another coalie in the Down refuge.

One of the quad (8224) ended up becoming the lead loco on the coalie in the Down Refuge, suggesting to me that the original lead loco (G class) had failed.

I can only surmise that the 1st coalie I saw must have already been on its way Down to Port K, and was asked to turn back to donate an engine to the 2nd coalie.

If anyone has more specific info on this, I'd like to know....
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From the Coffs Coast

1st for the day was 1BM2 sighted near Mackays Road with NR63 and NR54.

Pic here >>>>>>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63499091.html

next to come along was 7WB3 sighted at the northern end of Nana Glen Loop with
NR31 NR57 NR47.

Pic here >>>>>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63499843.html

next to come along was 6AB6 sighted at Coramba with NR26 (Indian) NR88.

Pic here >>>>>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63499842.html

and the last to arrive with failing light was 7MB7 with LDP004 LDP001 LDP003
sighted near Mackays Road.

pic here >>>>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63499844.html


The evening Up steelie from Port Kembla had an interesting lashup last night, as observed by me at Mortdale.

Usually hauled by a triumvirate of NRs, this train had merely a pair thereof, and in the shafts, a pair of 81s and an X class! :eek
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Overcast skies greeted 7R01 with CPH1 and CPH7 as it headed North Through Coffs Harbour.

pic here >>>>>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63535198.html

A late running 2WB3 with NR118 NR100 NR42 with a mixed load of general and steel loadings sighted crossing Coffs Creek.

pic here >>>>>> http://scott158.fotopic.net/p63535199.html


Hi Scott,
where are the CPHs off to, please?

By the way, great pictures as usual!

Peter C
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Suspect they made Casino tonight, will not know till morning they could go further North or could return South.



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