Everyday NSW Sightings And Other Bollocks!
(06-Feb-2016, 04:28 PM)Graham4405 Wrote: Luke, are you the only railfan left in NSW? :evil

Must be Tongue

Afternoon all, today I went to Sefton for a few sightings, they are as follows


TT103 guides a stone aggregate train through Sefton, it is destine for the Boral Plant at Enfield, TT122 was on the other end, (Not pictured)


NR'S58/24 Guide train 5BM4 through Sefton, they are destined for Melbourne, where the train will terminate


MZ1435 heads a Trip Train towards Sefton Park Junctions, then onward towards Port Botany, it has come from Minto

Kind Regards

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