Everyday NSW Sightings And Other Bollocks!
(16-Feb-2017, 11:59 AM)Lsrailfan Wrote: Hi all, this morning I went to Leightonfield and got a few sightings, they are as follows
SCT'S003/008 lead an extremely short 4MB9, the train will soon halt for a Crew Change. and then depart bound for the SCT Depot at Bromelton, in QLD
NR14 with a Aggregate Train, crosses another Aggregate Train which has been placed in the loop
NR89,AN8,NR32 come through Leightonfield with train 4MB4 bound for Brisbane, the train will soon have a Crew Change at Chullora Junctions, before departing North
Kind Regards

Glad you added the SCT crew change detail thus confirming it was Leightonfield not Campbelltown as earlier reported on a Railpage thread.
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